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I wish you all a Happy New Year
The Jade Rabbit Welcomes the Spring and Adds a New Image
New Flavor Sugar Free Ice Cream - Ricotta
The store manager is Italian control. I especially love desserts made with Italian cheese. This time, the store manager specially used "Ricotta" and "Mascarpone" cheese to make a new flavor of "Italian Cheese" ice cream, which has a very rich but refreshing and slightly sweet cheese taste. Friends who love Italian or cheese, you must try it.
How long does it take for an item ordered online to ship?
Our store is closed on Mondays, Tuesdays, and thirds, and the home delivery company does not accept delivery on Sundays. So every week will only be shipped on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
Store-to-store frozen home delivery... Canmian
Unless the convenience store has changed the packaging regulations, we cannot provide the service of frozen store pick-up!
Picking up glutinous rice handmade egg yolk cake
Let me share with you the process of making Uncle Nuomi (Jeremy)'s egg yolk cake!
Is the facial tissue handed out on the roadside safe?
Can a pack of facial tissue that costs less than one yuan be used?
Scientific Management of Plant Growth
The plants that are full of vitality in the flower market, why do I become downcast when I take them home and plant them for a few days?
Use the mobile app to grow flowers and grass
Can we also grow flowers through mobile phones?
Sweet, mild and cool homemade jelly
In the hot summer, before July, the temperature has soared to 38 degrees. If you just walk outside, you will already be sweating profusely, dizzy, and about to suffer from heat stroke. Are there any common foods that can help...
Eco-friendly and economical use of top-of-the-line bath products
This is the first time I've stayed in a Four Seasons Resort, and after using the L'OCCITANE toiletries provided by the hotel , I can't go back to using the bath products that are generally full of chemical fragrances. However,...
Garden Therapy for Lazy People (2)
In the previous article, I introduced a smart flower pot that does not need to be watered every day. The vases described above, while clever, are also expensive. It is a single-pot simple foliage plant suitable for indoor or outdoor...
Garden Therapy for Lazy People (1)
I used to work in a hideous financial industry. I was irritable and depressed when I went to work every day, and my body was sore and backache when I got off work. This blog shared my exercise history before,...
My Shu Simmer Sousvide Experiment (7) -- Salty Pudding (Egg Bite)
Since 2017, Starbucks across the United States has launched a new breakfast salty pudding (Egg Bite) option in response to customer feedback over the years that there is no non-bread breakfast option. This low-sugar, low-fat, low-calorie but high-protein healthy breakfast...
horticultural therapy
Horticultural Therapy Definition and History Horticultural therapy is a healing process that has stood the test of time, and its healing effects have long been documented in historical documents. Dr. Benjamin Rush, who signed the Declaration of Independence in the...
My Shu Simmer Sousvide Experiment (6) Salmon
Salmon is a well-known ingredient, from sashimi (in fact, salmon often has parasites in it, so it is not suitable for making sashimi. Do you recall that you have seen salmon sashimi in Japan?) to fully cooked Taste, everyone should...
A foodie's pick of top 10 where-to-eat while visiting Taichung (his home town) Part 2
Tanukigoden (Tanukigoden) website map Tanukigoden was the first robata-yaki restaurant in Taipei at the next door to Hizen Ya, the famous eel rice restaurant since 1985. After rezone of the original location in 2007, the Japanese owner moved this very...
A foodie's pick of top 10 where-to-eat while visiting Taichung (his home town) Part 1
My Korean ex-colleague is taking his daughters to Taichung from Hong Kong to attend a tennis academy led by a French coach for two weeks. Look like Taichung is more internationalized, isn't it? Definitely not. Other than not finding any...
Strong Living livestrong.com
Today, I would like to recommend a foreign website livestrong.com to friends who pay attention to health preservation . This website is a website jointly established by Demand Media, which runs eHow , and the Livestrong Foundation, a cancer prevention...
Taichung's top ten food recommendations for ghost lovers (Part 2)
Tanuki Palace, which was originally opened next to Hizen House in Taipei, was the first robatayaki specialty store in Taiwan. Later, Taipei also closed its business and moved to Taichung. The most conspicuous thing in the store is the round...
Taichung's top ten food recommendations for ghost lovers (Part 1)
A Korean colleague from my previous company took his two daughters to fly from Hong Kong to Taichung to participate in a tennis school training with a team of seven foreign coaches led by French coaches. It sounds like Taichung...