Our No-sugar-added Gelato currently has 35 flavors

12 flavors available everyday on irregular basis

Summer Memories (Lychee, Coconut, Organic Rose)

lacto vegetarian
100ml calories 148 calories protein 2 grams fat 7 grams sugar 6 grams

The best selling signature flavor. Lychee has always been loved for its juicy sweetness and attractive aroma. Combined with the elegance of organic roses and blended with coconuts of different textures, it perfectly interprets the rich and diverse flavors of summer, while showing a comfortable and pleasant elegance.

Strawberry Hokkaido Milk

lacto vegetarian
100ml calories 155 calories protein 2 grams fat 5 grams sugar 5 grams

Using strawberry puree imported from Europe, paired with milk imported from Hokkaido, the rich milky fragrance is accompanied by the taste of pink, sour and sweet fresh strawberries, which will make you feel full of love after eating

Taiwanese green tea

lacto vegetarian
100ml calories 146 calories protein 4 grams fat 5 grams sugar 4 grams

The green tea is picked from the Qingxinda tea tree planted in Jiaobanshan, Taoyuan. It is made by steaming green tea with matcha. It retains the emerald green color that is rarely seen in Taiwanese tea, and retains the natural fragrance of fresh picking. It is distinctive, smooth and clean, just like being in a tea garden. feel.

Blueberry Yogurt

lacto vegetarian
100ml calories 104 calories protein 2 grams fat 1 gram sugar 4 grams

Using high-quality blueberries and sugar-free yogurt, because it does not contain fresh cream, it has lower calories than all milk ice creams and is close to sorbet. It is the best choice for those who strictly control themselves. Sweet and sour taste, soft and smooth texture, every bite is easy to enjoy without burden.

Taro Coconut

Vegan, Dairy Free
100ml calories 140 calories protein 2 grams fat 7 grams sugar 2 grams

An ice cream developed for those who are vegan or lactose intolerant. Made with 100% coconut milk (not coconut milk with additives) instead of milk, and Taiwanese taro (no taro flavor and coloring), it has a pure and lazy tropical South Island style.

Pineapple Lemon Sherbet

Vegan, Dairy Free
100ml calories 106 calories protein 0 grams fat 0 grams sugar 5 grams

The golden diamond pineapple is paired with the yellow Meyer lemon from Pingtung Jiuru, embellished with a unique citron tea flavor. Surrounded by multi-layered sweet and sour flavors, Xie He Zhong is lively and full of surprising taste, fully savoring the sunshine and fruit aroma of southern Taiwan.

South Island Style (Mango, Passion Fruit, Pineapple, Lemon)

lacto vegetarian
100ml calories 129 calories protein 2 grams fat 3 grams sugar 7 grams

When the weather is cold, you will want to go to the hot and sunny seaside for vacation. We use four common tropical fruits in southern Taiwan to mix the rich and layered aroma with sweet and sour, which vividly takes us to the beach under the coconut tree to dance in our mouth.

Ricotta (Ricotta, Mascarpone)

lacto vegetarian
100ml calories 162 calories protein 3 grams fat 8 grams sugar 3 grams

Ricotta cheese is low in calories and rich in whey protein, which is the best partner for muscle gain and fat loss. Mascarpone is the main ingredient of tiramisu. The store manager perfectly blends the two kinds of cheeses in a golden ratio, so that this ice cream has a rich flavor of fresh cheese but not too sweet.

Autumn feelings (ginger juice, longan, oolong tea)

lacto vegetarian
100ml calories 172 calories protein 3 grams fat 5 grams sugar 11 grams

Based on the unique warmth and aroma of longan in ginger juice, it is blended with smooth and quiet oolong tea to add taste and layers. In the autumn sun, the tranquility of autumn leaves is revealed, and in the richness, there is a little open-mindedness. Different tunes but beautiful coexistence.

Custard Vanilla

100ml calories 158 calories protein 4 grams fat 7 grams sugar 4 grams

Presented in the orthodox Italian vanilla flavor, the high-quality egg yolk brings out the smoothness and softness. Against the background of the egg fragrance, the aroma of the Italian vanilla is encouraged to bloom obviously. The exclusive comprehensive vitality, enthusiasm, tenderness and romance, as if walking in the charming Italian herb garden .

french chestnuts

lacto vegetarian
100ml calories 113 calories protein 2 grams fat 3 grams sugar 3 grams

It is the Italian milk ice cream with the lowest calories in our shop. It uses Sabaton chestnuts, the number one brand in France. The extraordinary top quality is the dream choice of world-class professional masters. In the elegant and dense charm, there seems to be a light milk fragrance, just like an elegant French lady with infinite charm.

Peanut Butter Chocolate

lacto vegetarian
100ml calories 181 calories protein 4 grams fat 10 grams sugar 6 grams

The whole process is refrigerated and kept fresh, and the aflatoxin-free organic peanut butter is paired with French opera sugar-free chocolate. The two strong flavors complement each other in harmony, and the finishing touch with a small amount of caramel is full of dynamic repairing energy.

Plum Guava

Vegan, Dairy Free
100ml calories 94 calories protein 0 grams fat 0 grams sugar 2 grams

Get inspired by the best-selling combination of sliced ​​fruit at the night market. Strictly selected ripe guava perfume, paired with sour plums without artificial coloring, sweeteners and preservatives, transformed into sorbet, full of guava and plum fragrance, sweet and sour balance, refreshing and greasy, best after meals choose.

Luoshen Sakyamuni

lacto vegetarian
100ml calories 98 calories protein 2 grams fat 1 gram sugar 6 grams

Roselle and Sakyamuni from the same terroir in Taitung form a beautiful match. We add yogurt to make an elegant combination of the two, slightly sour with a little sweetness, a touch of tropical fruit fragrance with floral fragrance, and it can also resist oxidation while enjoying ice cream.

Seasonal Cantaloupe

lacto vegetarian
100ml calories 112 calories protein 2 grams fat 4 grams sugar 5 grams

With the seasons, we pair it with mino melon in winter and cantaloupe in summer, and we designed this milk ice cream flavor that is lower in calories than French chestnut. Most suitable for heavy ice cream addicts who are looking for lightness and resistance to heat, but do not like fruit acid

Hazelnut Carbon

Lacto-Vegan, Alcoholic
100ml calories 197 calories protein 4 grams fat 12 grams sugar 4 grams

We use 100% French unsweetened hazelnut puree, pair it with Italian mascarpone cheese, and then use a little amaretto to enhance the taste. The rich nutty aroma has a little aftertaste of tiramisu, and it has the style of Sicily under the full sun...

Apricot Milk Tea Tarik (Vegan)

Vegan, Dairy Free
100ml calories 146 calories protein 1 gram fat 6 grams sugar 1 gram

Use therapeutic Indian tea tarik with no cholesterol and trans fat, sugar-free almond milk with only 1/4 of the calories of milk, and the almond puree ground by the store manager himself, and brown rice oil instead of cream. Although very healthy, it is the same delicious.

Cinnamon Persimmon

lacto vegetarian
100ml calories 120 calories protein 2 grams fat 4 grams sugar 6 grams

Seasonal only. We choose organic rich sweet persimmons from the Chunyang Tribe planted next to the Lushan Hot Spring. After they are ripe, they are pureed and garnished with a little cinnamon to create this nourishing ice cream flavor that is suitable for autumn. iron.

Madagascar Dark Chocolate

lacto vegetarian
100ml calories 144 protein 3 fat 7 sugar 3 grams

Made with French Opera chocolate and cocoa powder from cocoa beans in the Sambirano region of Madagascar, the flavor is diverse and full of personality, with citrus aroma intermingled with strong lemon flavor, fully showing the elegance and delicacy of Criollo cocoa.

Pear Mountain Peach Sherbet

Vegan, Dairy Free
100ml calories 98 calories protein 0 grams fat 0 grams sugar 3 grams

August is the peak season for peaches in Lishan. The store manager specially contacted the small farmers in Lishan to buy peaches that are hard to grow but cannot be sold on the shelves. They are still delicious and processed into 100% peach puree. This batch of sorbet was made by the store manager. Each cup of sorbet has 50% peach puree…

Hakka Lei Cha

lacto vegetarian
100ml calories 140 calories protein 3 grams fat 5 grams sugar 3 grams

Lei Cha is rich in high fiber and has the effect of promoting body fluid to quench thirst, relieve fatigue and relieve heat. It can help scavenge free radicals, delay aging, protect the heart, maintain the normal function of nerve cells, prevent prostate cancer, prevent cardiovascular diseases, delay brain function decline and improve memory.

Red Plum Ice Cream

lacto vegetarian
100ml calories 113 calories protein 2 grams fat 4 grams sugar 4 grams

The sweetness of red meat plums is low and sour, but when it is ripe, it suddenly becomes soft and sweet. The aroma of the bite is welcoming, the sourness and sweetness are balanced, and the tannin aftertaste in the mouth is full of Australian Syrah. Smoky black berry flavors of the wine. We take the beauty of this moment still, bringing the full taste experience into our ice cream and freezing it...  

Passionate Mango

lacto vegetarian
100ml calories 150 calories protein 2 grams fat 6 grams sugar 6 grams

40% of the whole cup is made of French mango puree, plus double super thick French whipped cream. You can enjoy the summer atmosphere all year round...

Persian garden (crocuses, roses, pistachios)

lacto vegetarian
100ml calories 170 calories protein 4 grams fat 8 grams sugar 4 grams

The oldest ice cream recipe of the Middle East royal family originated from Iran. It is made with 3,000 yuan per gram of saffron, the most expensive pistachio among nuts, and organic roses. The active pistachio fragrance is accompanied by a light floral fragrance, and occasionally saffron is slightly transparent The aroma is unique, mysterious and fascinating.

Irish Coffee (Coffee, Irish Custard)

Lacto-Vegan, Alcoholic
100ml calories 144 calories protein 2 grams fat 6 grams sugar 9 grams alcohol 3.9%

Coffee is paired with Irish Custard, and there is a pleasant freedom that allows self-liberation at the moment of tasting. Deep and mellow with strong sweetness, the two superstars compete with each other in their charms, but they are so evenly matched. Let the Irish style bloom in your mouth!

Tuscan Sun (Sabaylon eggnog, sun-dried fruit)

Lacto-Vegan, Alcoholic
100ml calories 155 calories protein 3 grams fat 5 grams sugar 10 grams alcohol 0.5%

Sabayon, a 500-year-old Italian specialty dessert, uses egg yolk and liqueur to whip into a bright yellow mousse. After chilling, it is served in a champagne glass with traditional Italian dried fruit. It has a very unique, rich, sweet and flavorful taste. Wine-scented custard flavor.

Peach Honey Scarlett Sherbet (Asti sparkling wine, apricot, peach)

Vegan, Dairy Free, Alcohol Free
100ml calories 100cal protein 0g fat 0g sugar 8g alcohol 2.4%

Using peach and apricot puree from the south of France, accompanied by Asti sparkling wine made from Muscat grapes, let you enjoy the light breeze on the Mediterranean seaside like a lady Tiny and elegant.

Raw Noir Cognac Sherbet

Vegan, Dairy Free, Alcohol Free
100ml calories 149 calories protein 1g fat 6g sugar 0g alcohol 3.0%

In order to make the taste more intense, we directly make dark chocolate into sorbet without adding milk and fresh cream, and there is no sugar in the ingredients. Then use brandy to modify the already rich flavor level, so that the sorbet tastes more moist, full of style and more aftertaste.

Kishu plum wine sorbet

Vegan, Dairy Free, Alcohol Free
100ml calories 123 calories protein 0g fat 0g sugar 8g alcohol 4.9%

We use hand-picked Nanko plums from Wakayama, Japan, Kishu plum wine without added spices, colorings and sours, and additive-free plum juice from Nantou Shuili Organic Farm. Replace the familiar plum wine with smooth and soft presented in the form of ice cream.

Sangria Spanish fruit wine

Lacto-Vegan, Alcoholic
100ml Calories 139 calories Protein 1g Fat 5g Sugar 4g Alcohol 1.6%

The red wine brewed with the Spanish specialty Tempranillo grape variety, together with the local summer fruits, we turn this jug of red and colorful fruit wine into an elegant and luxurious summer ice product, making you feel like you are on the streets of Barcelona Come to dissolve the midsummer!


vegan, alcoholic
100ml calories 168 calories protein 3 grams fat 9 grams sugar 2 grams alcohol 3.0%

No added sugar ice cream made from the full-bodied single malt Macallan. The Macallan's warm creamy sweetness, toffee apple, candied orange peel, raisins, vanilla custard and sherry barrel aromas can be perfectly presented in ice cream.

Pineapple Colada Sherbet

Vegan, Dairy Free, Alcohol Free
100ml calories 120 calories protein 2 grams fat 4 grams sugar 6 grams lacto-vegetarian

Voted by CNN as one of the best drinks in the world, this classic cocktail listed as the national drink of Puerto Rico is made with pineapple, coconut milk, and rum, and it is full of Caribbean flavor in the form of ice cream in the hot summer. ..

Black Sesame Almonds

lacto vegetarian
100ml calories 188 calories protein 4 grams fat 11 grams sugar 3 grams

Eating ice can also nourish your health! We add the flavor of black sesame to the mellow almond tofu and present it with ice cream. Almonds are rich in vitamin E, and black sesame is rich in iron, calcium and unsaturated fatty acids, making eating ice cream healthy!

Passion Fruit Coconut

Vegan Dairy Free

Use coconut milk and coconut oil, which are also tropical, instead of milk and whipped cream to make ice cream. Let the zest of passion fruit blossom with the rich aroma of coconut.

Wasabi White Chocolate

lacto vegetarian

Jour Doux 4th anniversary special no-sugar-added gelato flavor - use Belgian sugar substitute chocolate with 100% freshly ground wasabi puree from Alishan Jibian Wasabi Farm, smooth white chocolate and spicy wasabi leave a long and aftertaste in the mouth Aftertaste.