Taste delicious and natural

"Sugar-reduced desserts" still have added sugar, but the sugar has been reduced by up to 78%. "Ketogenic desserts" have no added sugar and no carbohydrates such as flour. "No added sugar desserts" have no added sugar, but use flour. "No added sugar ice cream" is also ketogenic, which is the signature of our store. You are welcome to order and taste below...

Most of our desserts have no added sugar, and the calories are reduced to the minimum on the premise of deliciousness. The raw materials are all made of carefully selected natural ingredients, and no semi-finished products such as ice cream powder, cake powder, and custard powder are used to make them, nor are pigments, flavors, monosodium glutamate, hydrogenated oil, surface-enhancing agents, stabilizers, and water-retaining agents. , Adhesives, leavening agents, anti-coagulants, homogenizers, emulsifiers, preservatives, antibacterial agents and any artificial additives. I hope you can eat the original flavor and deliciousness of the food from 100% ingredients without health concerns.