Personal Data Protection Policy

In order to provide more perfect and secure services, Hexi Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the company) will inform you of the following matters in accordance with the requirements of Article 8, Item 1 of the Personal Data Protection Act regarding the personal data you provide to the company.

  1. How to obtain personal information

    When you visit our website to fill out inquiry forms, subscribe to e-journals, and purchase related peripheral products in online stores, you are required to provide personal information such as your name, household registration address, mailing address, telephone number, credit card account number, and e-mail address. The server will generate relevant records by itself, including the IP address of the connected device, time of use, browser used, browsing and clicking information will also be automatically recorded.

  2. Purpose of obtaining personal information

    The company collects your personal information to provide customer service (such as: return, request assistance, share information and others), check identity, membership service, customer management and contact, publication subscription, marketing activities (such as: membership upgrade , product and service promotion news), establish membership information, handle credit card payment, complete product order payment and delivery of goods. The company will timely analyze the IP address of the Internet, the time of surfing the Internet, and the pages browsed on the website. These data are used by the website management unit of the company to analyze the total amount of website traffic and network behavior surveys, so as to improve the website service quality. If there is any error or inaccuracy in the information you provide, the company has the right to refuse to provide you with the website and all or part of the company's services, unless otherwise stated the reason why the real information cannot be used (not necessarily required), in order to protect the company rights and interests.

  3. Area and period of use of personal information

    The company will only use your personal information to contact you in the business scope and region related to you. The company also reserves the right to directly or indirectly inform you of various marketing or promotional activities by phone, email or text message. If you are an e-journal subscriber, during the subscription period, the company will only use your personal data in the company's business scope and region to send publications. If you choose credit card payment to purchase peripheral products related to the online store, the company will only use your personal information to contact you within the business scope and region.

  4. How and to whom personal data is used

    The company will use the personal information you fill in and inquiries about related services (such as: warranty repairs, requesting assistance, sharing information and others) to provide dedicated answers. If you are an e-journal subscriber, the company will send the publication to you according to your email address. When you choose to pay by credit card in the online store, the company needs to provide your credit card personal information to the credit card institution you specify for payment.

  5. Personal Data Processing

    When you browse this website, we collect and store information anonymously for marketing and optimal use of the technology provided. We will use relevant information to establish user basic information under a pseudonym, including setting cookies, but collect and store information under a pseudonym. The relevant information will not be used to personally identify visitors to this website, nor will it touch the information related to the pseudonym holder. We use cookies on many of our web pages to make our site more interesting and to enable certain features. These cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer. Most of the cookies we use are deleted from your computer at the end of your browser session (called session cookies). Other cookies are stored on your computer to allow us to recognize your computer the next time you visit (called persistent cookies). Our partner companies shall not use our website to collect, process or use personal data through cookies. You can set your browser to notify cookies, so that you can clearly understand the use of cookies. When using our website, you agree to store your user name and password in cookies after the browser session is over, so that you can access it the next time you visit [these cookies are used to greet you with your user name] you, and save you the inconvenience of repeatedly entering your password in subsequent orders]. You can withdraw this consent at any time in the future by setting your browser to block all cookies.

  6. Personal Data Security

    Based on the needs of investigating cybercrime or public safety, the company will implement necessary cooperation in accordance with the legal procedures of the judicial authorities and in consideration of protecting the privacy of personal data of users of this website. The company will never sell, rent, or exchange personal data to other groups or individuals. If necessary, the company will use cookie technology to provide services that better meet the user's personal needs; cookie is a technology used by the web server to communicate with the user's browser, and it may store certain information in the user's computer , to identify the user side to provide more direct services; users can cancel or limit this function, or delete cookies through the browser settings.

  7. Information Security Statement

    If information such as account passwords are generated in the company's services, it is recommended that you do not disclose the account number and password to anyone. The company will not ask for your password in phone calls or emails without consent. If you share your computer with others or use a public computer, remember to close the browser window to ensure that others cannot read your personal information. Due to the wide-ranging aspects involved in the data transmission process, the transmission of Internet data is not completely safe at present, so netizens still need to pay attention to and bear the risks of network data transmission.