Return and Exchange Processing Principles

  1. Product pictures are for reference only. The composition of the content is mainly based on the actual product and product description.
  2. Due to the shelf life and hygienic considerations, the seven-day appreciation period does not apply to food once it is opened and used, or if the product deteriorates due to the loss of temperature during transportation.
  3. Please confirm that the item is correct immediately after receiving the product. In case of product defects (incomplete or damaged packaging, severely deformed cake or damage during delivery), please keep the product intact, keep the original packaging and invoice, and take photos first. Please wait 2 days after receiving the product If you call or send us a letter within a few days, we will help you deal with it as soon as possible. Overdue will not be accepted.
  4. The returned (exchanged) product must be brand new and in good condition. If it is not necessary for inspection or is attributable to you, the product will be damaged, lost, changed, or the product, packaging and invoice are incomplete, or the return period will not be accepted. replacement.
  5. If you have any questions about quality, packaging, ordering or delivery, please use email to contact our customer service staff.