words from the founder

After retiring for many years, I have always had many entrepreneurial dreams and wrote many business plans. Either the amount of investment is too large; or it is because I am used to the days of idle clouds and wild cranes, and I am worried that I will be too busy; or I feel that the target of starting a business does not seem to make any real contribution to society. Picking things up until 2019, I don’t know why I couldn’t think about it, so I suddenly washed my hair off, and invested in the dessert market with long working hours and fierce competition, which has become a sea of ​​blood...

The main reason for leaving the financial industry back then was the health factor: after so many years of recuperation, the body has finally returned to the "Sunshine Ojisan" physique. Both blood sugar and liver index were close to normal, weight lost 20 kg, and body fat percentage dropped from 35% to below 15%.

Weight loss is of course the main reason why medical reports change from red letters back to black letters. In the process of losing weight, in addition to developing a fixed exercise habit, I did not give up the original habit of pursuing delicious food, but I began to become more picky about what I ate: I used to refuse anything as long as it was delicious . In addition to being delicious, now we also pay attention to whether there are inferior ingredients or additives in it, as well as calorie and nutritional labels.

For someone like me who has a very tricky mouth, this is actually a very painful process. There are a lot of delicacies, either there are food additives that you can’t understand for a long time, or the calories of fat and carbohydrates are too high, especially my favorite dessert, delicious and healthy are just two extremes. In the process of learning pastry, I learned that more than 95% of the bakery products in the market have added hydrogenated vegetable oil (trans fat) to make the product more crispy and crispy, so that the pastry bread remains soft. Flour improvers, preservatives that won't mold in Taiwan's high-humidity environment, etc., are too numerous to list. What's more, if you don't add a little more high-calorie whipped cream, caramel, etc., how can things be delicious?

"Sweet Days" was born under such circumstances. It is not just a dessert shop, but a low-calorie dessert laboratory. Our goal is to develop delightful and unique desserts, but with less than 50% of the calories of typical desserts. This is a difficult challenge. Most delicious desserts are the intersection of high-calorie elements. Once the dessert lacks high-calorie flexible materials such as sugar, oil, and egg yolk, it will be difficult to maintain smoothness, softness, and melting in the mouth. with a moist palate. This kind of production direction violates all the principles of baking, so although it is in line with the current trend of health and body shaping, few people at home and abroad try this direction.

Our raw materials are made of carefully selected natural ingredients, without adding coloring agents, essences, monosodium glutamate, hydrogenated oils, surface-enhancing agents, stabilizers, water-retaining agents, adhesives, leavening agents, anti-coagulants, homogenizers, emulsifiers Any artificial additives such as preservatives, preservatives, bacteriostats, etc. I hope you can eat the original flavor of the food from 100% ingredients without health concerns.

I have a background in the trading department of an investment bank, and I am not a major in baking, so I have the "dumbness" to start a business and advocate the concept of "low-calorie desserts". I hope that the taste I have trained from the sommelier, barista and 200 Michelin stars can add points to such healthy desserts. We hope you enjoy our products, enjoy desserts without burdening your body, and achieve your own health goals. If you have any comments on our products, you are welcome to help us do the questionnaire survey on this link , or write to me directly at jeremy@jourdoux.com to contact me.

Thank you again for your time and hope your days ahead are healthier! Sweeter!

Fan Zhengming