Garden Therapy for Lazy People (2)

In the previous article, I introduced a smart flower pot that does not need to be watered every day. The vases described above, while clever, are also expensive. It is a single-pot simple foliage plant suitable for indoor or outdoor placement. If you want to plant flowers, first of all, the flowers need a full sun or half sun environment, and the water in the flower vessels evaporates quickly. In addition, flowers need finer watering and fertilization. Generally, the growth space of the roots of potted plants is limited, so when there is too much rain, the drainage is poor and the roots are easy to rot, and when the weather is hot, the water is not enough and the roots are easy to wither. To cultivate a garden full of flowers and brocades, it is necessary to adjust the water required by the plants according to the changes of the four seasons and the climate. At this time, the smart vase may not be smart enough. But taking good care of it violates the original intention of gardening for lazy people. What should I do? This article will introduce to readers an automatic drip irrigation system similar to the concept of an automated greenhouse but suitable for home gardens.

As the name suggests, the drip irrigation system is a system that uses automatic control to irrigate plants. In fact, plants need very limited water. Usually, most of the water we water flowers is lost through the soil. A small amount of water contained in the soil evaporates with the water in the leaves. The rate is gradually absorbed by the roots of the plants. Therefore, if the water can be fully absorbed by the plants without loss of water through precise control, the amount of irrigation water required can be measured by a drop of water, which is enough.

The drip irrigation system described above is used in professional greenhouses or plant factories. Of course, the household ones do not need to be so sophisticated, but the concept remains the same. The composition of the drip irrigation system is mainly divided into several parts: the controller, the pipeline and the nozzle. Household controllers are usually connected to the faucet, using the power of the battery to freely adjust the watering time, frequency, duration, and water volume, etc. Some controllers can also be connected to a humidity detector, and when the soil humidity is sufficient Automatically stop watering setting. The function of the pipeline is relatively simple, responsible for delivering the controlled amount of water to each plant or drip irrigation point. The nozzle is used at the irrigation outlet of the pipeline. According to the different water demands of various plants, the design of the nozzle has different water outlet methods such as spray type, water drop type, gurgling type and water spray type. The direction of water outlet also has fixed type, 90 degrees, 180 degrees, 360 degrees or swivel.

Home drip irrigation systems are not expensive, and cheap controllers can be bought on Taobao. But what you pay for is what you pay for. When the drip irrigation system fails and the lazy people just don’t notice it, all the plants at home may be gone within two or three days. Based on the author's persuasion and one-time nature, of course, I will recommend the household drip irrigation system of Gardena, the number one gardening tool brand in Germany. Gardena 's controller uses a 9 -volt battery, and the replacement frequency of the battery can last up to half a year, which is very suitable for lazy people. The controller can also be externally connected with soil moisture detection or rain gauge to stop watering when it rains or the soil humidity is too high. In addition, Germany's rigorous industrial design also makes the controller connected to the faucet in my home never have the problem of dripping water when the faucet is turned on.

In addition , the interesting thing about the Gardena drip irrigation system is its modular design for DIY users. All the sprinklers and pipelines can be connected with various adapters to form a complete drip irrigation system. Its special connection design makes the pipelines and sprinklers You can DIY a tight connection by hand without tools without leaking. With the different settings of each person's home garden garden device, the user can conceive the drip irrigation method and pipeline arrangement of the entire flower watering system as if playing an N-track train model, and then connect each pipeline with each other like playing a game. The whole process of assembling the nozzles is very healing, and it is also very fulfilling to watch each nozzle spray water when it is finished.

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