My Shu Simmer Sousvide Experiment (7) -- Salty Pudding (Egg Bite)

Since 2017, Starbucks across the United States has launched a new breakfast salty pudding (Egg Bite) option in response to customer feedback over the years that there is no non-bread breakfast option. This low-sugar, low-fat, low-calorie but high-protein healthy breakfast not only became very popular in the United States, but also immediately aroused widespread repercussions. Everyone began to study similar recipes at home. I also started to develop my simmered salty pudding experiment.

The method of salted pudding egg juice is very simple, and there are many recipes on the Internet. The first time you make it, start from the simple one !

6 eggs ( Shi'an Ranch Dongfu eggs )
1 tsp salt (Maldon flake salt )
100 grams of bacon ( Yumoya Kagoshima Tea Pork No Nitrates )
Half a cup of Gruyere cheese ( GoodWe )
Half a cup of Cream Cheese ( Costco Aria Natural )

First, beat the eggs, salt and two types of cheese into egg juice with a blender at medium to high speed. The change of egg juice can also add other flavors of cheese, fresh cream and milk, or various spices. Other variations, I'll try again next time.

Place the bacon slices in the container. For other variations, bacon can be substituted with ham, bell peppers, onions, shallots, asparagus, broccoli, etc. Because the container needs to be simmered at a temperature of 77.8 degrees C , foreign recipes mostly use glass containers with metal lids ( such as sauce jars, etc. ) . I chose a German Weck 976 (165ml) sealable glass jar as the container.

After simmering the egg juice at 77.8 ° C for 1 hour, the salted pudding is ready. Take it out and let it cool down for a while, draw a circle along the inner edge of the glass bottle with a knife, put it upside down on the plate, and the pudding will slide out with gravity.

Voila! The smooth but low-calorie salted pudding is done ! The taste is rich and dense, a bit similar to French salted egg pie (Quiche) , but without the greasy flavor of pie crust and egg filling. In the next experiment, we will arrange and combine the changes of the above ingredients to go further to find a salty pudding recipe with richer layers and more integrated taste, but without adding calories.

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