Taichung's top ten food recommendations for ghost lovers (Part 2)

Tanuki Palace, which was originally opened next to Hizen House in Taipei, was the first robatayaki specialty store in Taiwan. Later, Taipei also closed its business and moved to Taichung. The most conspicuous thing in the store is the round oven with a diameter of one meter in the middle of the bar and the flying fish hanging above the bar that were dried overnight.

Foreign friends mentioned that they want to eat Taiwanese cuisine, but Taichung has never had an authentic Taiwanese restaurant like Taipei Qingye or Jin Penglai. Fortunately, the son-in-law of the old Taiwanese seafood owner on Huaxi Street in Taipei came to Taichung to open branch. The cooking standard, dining environment and service quality should have few rivals in the central part, but the price is much lower than the head office in Taipei.

The author of Jinyuexuan has lived in Hong Kong for four years and has always been obsessed with Hong Kong-style seafood. I feel that Taiwan’s Cantonese cuisine has not been in place compared with Hong Kong. Until Jinyuexuan opened in Taichung a few years ago, the difficulty of booking aroused my curiosity. After trying the tea and seafood table dishes, I immediately decided that this is one of the best Hong Kong-style seafood restaurants in Taiwan. The price of Jinyuexuan is slightly higher, and friends with budget considerations can go to Jinyuan Tea Restaurant, a sister store of Eslite on the opposite side of Green Garden Road, to enjoy a delicious meal.

Qinyuanchun Legend is an old restaurant founded by Jiang Weiguo Zhong Yuchu. It has been established for nearly 70 years. It is one of the few old restaurants in Taiwan that can be passed down for such a long time. It is still the leader of Taichung's Jiangsu and Zhejiang cuisine. Although the business district near Taichung Station has been bleak for a long time, Qinyuanchun's business is still booming and standing firm.

Sanyuan Garden Restaurant is located diagonally opposite Tunghai University in the suburbs of the city. This Korean barbecue is a branch of the Seoul restaurant introduced by a Korean bride who married to Taiwan. It is so authentic that all the service staff are Korean, so you can come here alone. 10 plates of free side dishes to know a thing or two. The barbecue uses a traditional charcoal oven, and the service staff diligently replaces the grilling nets and serves at the table. The first-class meat quality and unsparing orthodox flavor make customers obediently spend a large amount of money

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