Eco-friendly and economical use of top-of-the-line bath products

This is the first time I've stayed in a Four Seasons Resort, and after using the L'OCCITANE toiletries provided by the hotel , I can't go back to using the bath products that are generally full of chemical fragrances. However, a bottle of 500ml verbena body wash is priced at 1,400 yuan, which is about 10 times the price of ordinary body washes . How can ordinary people be willing to use it ? Use L'Occitane to wash your hands and bathe.

The main ingredient of body wash is surfactant. This chemical component can help the separated oil and water to fuse, clean the body’s oil and dirt, and then use water to wash away the surfactant that fuses the oil and dirt from the body’s surface. The original surfactant is mostly watery, but in order to make the shower gel condense on the hands after being squeezed out, a thickener has to be added to make the shower gel thicker. In order to generate more foam when cleaning, a foaming agent is added inside.

When we wash our hands or take a shower, it is actually not very efficient to use hand soap or body wash. In fact, only a small amount of body wash is enough to clean the whole body, but most people usually squeeze out a big lump and use more than necessary for cleaning. This is not only not environmentally friendly, but too many chemical components are likely to remain on the body. cause allergies. How to make the use of hand soap or body soap more efficient, with less residue and more environmentally friendly? At this time, I will introduce the artifact that everyone must have seenthe Mousse bottle ( or bubble bottle ) .

MUJI or Daiso have sold Mousse bottles. With a special squeeze bottle design, a specific proportion of detergent can be squeezed out of thick and dense Mousse foam. According to the author's personal experiment, use Guisongsong's L'Occitane bath or hand soap, mix it with water at a ratio of 1:10, and after the thick bath milk is fully dissolved, it can be poured into a mousse bottle and squeezed for use. Diluting one-tenth of the Mousse foam still retains the original fragrance of the shower gel, which is enough to clean the body, and also increases the consumption of a bottle of shower gel by 10 times, making the cost of using L'Occitane cleaning products comparable to There is no difference between ordinary brands.

Since I started using Mousse bottles at home, and because of concerns about chemical additives, I rarely use cheap bath and cleaning products sold in general supermarkets anymore. In fact, when traveling abroad, the room service staff will definitely discard the unused or unused toiletries in the hotel for hygiene reasons. If you have favorite cleaning products, prepare a sealed bag to take these unused cleaning products with you! After returning to China, dilute them with a Mousse bottle, you may not need to buy bath products for half a year, and you can also reminisce about your vacation abroad situation.

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