Garden Therapy for Lazy People (1)

I used to work in a hideous financial industry. I was irritable and depressed when I went to work every day, and my body was sore and backache when I got off work. This blog shared my exercise history before, to recommend to readers how I can eliminate my back pain through regular exercise. Next, we will also introduce gardening, because I use gardening to relieve my irritability and depression. While relying on correct exercise and eating habits to pursue external health, we should also pursue peace of mind, and gardening is a very easy way to help us achieve peace of mind.

Plants are actually a kind of pets, but they don’t bark when they’re hungry, and they don’t defecate anywhere. They only need to take one minute a day to take care of them. They can have different postures throughout the year. Grow slowly, live longer than us, and grow old quietly with us. Although taking care of plants is much easier than taking care of children and pets, modern people are busy with work, and there are very few potted plants that can flourish as they did in the flower market a month after they were bought home. In this article, I want to introduce some modern gardening equipment for lazy people, so that modern people who are lazy even in watering can still enjoy the healing effect of the lush garden at home.

The first to dissuade is Lechuza, a German smart vase brand . Lechuza originally meant a kind of owl called a barn owl. The interesting thing about this brand of vases is that there is a small reservoir inside. Using the principle of sub-irrigation, after we plant the plants in the vases, we only need to water the plants during the first 3 months of adaptation period. After 3 months, the roots of the plants will grow into the specially designed water storage area. After that, the potted plants will no longer need to be watered. We only need to pay attention to the height of the buoy on the side of the flower pot to ensure that the water volume in the water storage tank is too low, and then drain the water from The pipeline on the side of the basin can be filled with water to the reservoir.

I myself belong to one of the members of the gardening black finger club who can’t live long after buying potted plants. Because of work, I often travel on business and can’t water the flowers. After returning home, the original green plants are almost gone. So when I learned that there is such a smart vase, I was very curious and eager to try it. After more than 5 years of planting experience, I have more than 10 Lechuza flower pots in my home . Sometimes even when I’m not at home for half a year, the plants I put by the indoor window are still lush and green to welcome me back. There have also been yellow and withered plants in the past few years, but when they were replaced, it was found that the cause was caused by rotten roots with too much water rather than dryness.

If you don’t even have time for watering and training in the first three months, flower shops also sell potted plants that have been trained together with smart vases. Of course, a pot of 100 plants in the flower market will sell for more than 500 after training. . If you are willing to exchange money for time, you can bring such plants home, and you only need to water them once in three months, and you can enjoy the therapeutic effect of horticultural therapy. Isn’t that pretty good ? There are also similar products with a slightly higher design, but I have not researched whether their patented principles are the same.

There are many ways to be lazy in gardening. We will introduce the outdoor automatic drip irrigation system in the next article.

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