EWG Health Scores of 80,000 U.S. Supermarket Foods (Part 1)

In addition to scoring cleaning products and cosmetics, the US Environmental Working Group (EWG) is more ambitious in launching a scoring plan for all foods sold on the market, so that consumers can learn which foods may be prone to obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. Disease, cancer and other chronic health problems.

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EWG believes that everyone knows that the best food is to choose the ingredients and cook at home, but in practice it is difficult not to buy any ready-made food. In addition, although everyone tries to buy food that is claimed to be natural, organic, whole grain, and non-GMO, it is difficult for consumers to distinguish the authenticity. In addition, few people really have the patience to read and compare the nutritional content of similar products, not to mention many ingredients, we can't even pronounce the words.

Therefore, according to the nutritional value, food ingredients (such as additives, preservatives, chemical pollutants, etc.) and the way and degree of food processing, EWG gives a score between 1-10 for 80,000 kinds of food commonly found in American supermarkets, and 1 means the highest score. , 10 is the lowest score. The food with the highest score has the most superior nutritional content, contains the lowest additives and other chemicals, has the least concern about contamination, and has the lowest degree of food processing (closer to your own kitchen rather than a chemical factory).

According to the strict scoring standard of EWG, only 18% of the 80,000 food products meet the green light standard of 1-3.5 points, 57% of the food products are between 4-7 points of yellow to orange light standards, and 25% of the foods are between 8-10 points Points for a red light fail the standard. As long as consumers use the Health Living app on their mobile phones, they can check the EWG score of the food by scanning the food barcode or entering the name of the food.

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