Sweet, mild and cool homemade jelly

In the hot summer, before July, the temperature has soared to 38 degrees. If you just walk outside, you will already be sweating profusely, dizzy, and about to suffer from heat stroke. Are there any common foods that can help cool off the heat ? The answer is grass jelly.

In the relevant literature on traditional Chinese medicine, regardless of the different curative effects claimed by each author, all people agree that jelly jelly is cold in nature and slightly sweet in taste, and it is a good prescription for cooling and quenching thirst for heatstroke. From the perspective of calories, grass jelly juice has almost no calories, and grass jelly can be condensed by adding a little potato flour ( about 5 grams per liter ) or agar, so the calories are very small.

Therefore, if you don’t add sugar or other iced ingredients such as taro balls and red beans, grass jelly is an excellent low-calorie refreshing product. My method is to buy the instant grass jelly powder produced by the Kansai Town Farmers Association (Kanxi is an important town for producing jelly in Taiwan), add 3 grams of jelly powder per 1 liter, and then add 100 grams of sugar substitute (I use Erythritol, 0 calories, the same weight of sugar is about 387 calories). After boiling or mixing well with boiling water, add potato flour dissolved in 20 grams of cold water, stir together and cool down, then put it in the refrigerator, it will become crystal clear, and the grass jelly is frozen !

It is worth noting that the grass jelly and instant grass jelly powder sold in the market still contain sodium carbonate (soda ash, which is usually used to make tofu and konjac). If you have any concerns, you should obediently buy dried organic grass jelly and make your own grass jelly juice !

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