Store-to-store frozen home delivery... Canmian

Many friends from other counties and cities have reported to us that there is no one at home who can collect it on their behalf, or that there is no refrigeration equipment in the management room to store ice cream. They asked us if we can open a convenience store freezer store to deliver to the store?
The store manager consulted Family Mart and Uni-President Supermarket, and currently they do not accept Styrofoam packaging for their frozen store pick-up service. Because ice cream is a fragile commodity, we are not sure about the quality of home delivery without Styrofoam insulation. So I'm sorry to everyone, unless the convenience store changes the packaging regulations, we can't provide the frozen store pick-up service!
But don't be disappointed, there are supermarket chains who are currently inquiring about wanting to put our ice cream products on the shelves, and the store manager is evaluating the possibility of selling our products in the channel. Once confirmed, I will report to everyone...

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