Taichung's top ten food recommendations for ghost lovers (Part 1)

A Korean colleague from my previous company took his two daughters to fly from Hong Kong to Taichung to participate in a tennis school training with a team of seven foreign coaches led by French coaches. It sounds like Taichung is very international, no wonder! First of all, I want to help my colleagues find a wireless taxi company that can speak English or have an English app, no ! not too big. TripAdvisor readers’ voting rankings are often inaccurate. The number one restaurant is only two blocks away from my home. If you try it once, you won’t want to go again. Therefore, I wrote this guide for my colleagues and interested readers, hoping to help friends who come to Taichung for the first time to find delicious food based on my experience in pursuing food with dining guides all over the world in the past 30 years.

Le Mu Le Moût
To use the definition of the Michelin Guide, this top 50 restaurant in Asia is one of the very few restaurants in Taiwan that should be listed as a special trip to eat. It is also one of the very few restaurants in Taiwan that can recruit foreign chefs to learn cooking. It has a world champion sommelier and first-class field service staff. It adds Taiwanese elements and ingredients to the exquisite French cooking. The dining experience of a top restaurant, this is the only restaurant in Taiwan worthy of the title of fine dining.

J-Ping Cafe
This is one of the best Italian restaurants in Taiwan. The chef started with J-Ping in Taichung , and established a series of restaurants such as Solo Tatteria, Solo Pasta, and Little Snail in Taipei, but he still keeps his flagship restaurant J-Ping in Taichung. J-Ping uses better ingredients, but the price is only at the level of Solo Pasta in Taipei

fork forchetta
This restaurant, which has been in the heyday of business for many years on Anhe Road in Taipei, closed its business a few years ago when the chef decided to retire early to enjoy his life. Unexpectedly, not long after he retired, he inadvertently saw the current restaurant location in Taichung and rekindled his enthusiasm to reopen it in Taichung. The new Forchetta has a better environment, more picky ingredients, more refined cooking methods, and a richer and more affordable wine list than in Taipei.

Hunan flavor
40 years ago, the noodle shop that was famous for only opening for 3 hours a day has the same taste. It only sells two types of noodles, Yangchun noodles and beef noodles. The soup is light and tasty but not oily, which is quite different from the general thick noodle soup. Although the beef is braised in soy sauce, it still has a rich but not strong taste, and the fine noodles are springy and not soft. Don't forget its side dishes, the large intestine is highly recommended, stewed until it melts in the mouth like ice cream. After my son took over, there are now three branches, and the business hours have been extended to 4 hours.

The boss went to Japan to learn how to make ramen for many years, and opened this ramen shop specializing in vegetarian food. It is an exaggeration for Hunan Flavor to open for 4 hours a day. Because the noodles of this noodle shop are handmade by the boss every day, the original business hours were only 2 hours at noon, and only recently added 2 hours in the evening. Generally, vegetarian ramen does not pay much attention to the soup. The soup of Ziwutong is light but has colorful layers. The handmade noodles can definitely have a springy texture that is completely different from the machine noodles . Highly recommend its cold noodles and side dishes.

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