New Flavor Sugar Free Ice Cream - Ricotta

The store manager is Italian control. I especially love desserts made with Italian cheese. This time, the store manager specially used "Ricotta" and "Mascarpone" cheese to make a new flavor of "Italian Cheese" ice cream, which has a very rich but refreshing and slightly sweet cheese taste. Friends who love Italian or cheese, you must try it.

Ricotta cheese originated 3,000 years ago and is the most common fresh soft white cheese in Italy. It is low in calories and rich in whey protein, which is the best partner for muscle gain and fat loss. Mascarpone is produced in the Lombardy region near Milan in Italy. It is another classic sweet fresh soft white cheese and is the main raw material of tiramisu. The store manager perfectly blends the two kinds of cheeses in a golden ratio, so that this ice cream has a rich flavor of fresh cheese but not too sweet.

This is a limited supply of 40 pieces, while supplies last.

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