My Shu Simmer Sousvide Experiment (6) Salmon

Salmon is a well-known ingredient, from sashimi (in fact, salmon often has parasites in it, so it is not suitable for making sashimi. Do you recall that you have seen salmon sashimi in Japan?) to fully cooked Taste, everyone should often have the opportunity to experience. However, according to the research of Serious Eats, a well-known foreign food blog , in fact, the most delicious salmon, like steak, is first cooked in a slow cooker, and then burnt with a frying pan or a gas gun to crisp the surface. This cooking method aroused my curiosity, and I decided to follow suit.

The difference between Shu Simmered and Fully Cooked Salmon. photo source


Before the salmon is vacuum packed, add Tuscan spices, balsamic vinegar, and a little grapeseed oil to taste, and let it rest for at least 24 hours after vacuum packing. I usually don't put the savory element first, so the marinating time is more flexible.

A list of salmon simmering temperature and meat quality performance on the Serious Eats website. photo source Following the table above, I chose to simmer at 54 ° C for 60 minutes. After simmering, cut off the vacuum bag and place the salmon on a wire rack to dry naturally. Friends who are in a hurry can also dry it with kitchen paper towels first. Salmon is weaker than steak, and I can’t precisely control the heat. In order to keep the shape of the fish intact, I dare not use a cast iron pan and use a non-stick pan to fry the surface of the fish, each for about 1 minute.

Compared with the traditional fried or grilled salmon, the quick-fried salmon has a crystal clear and shatterable meat quality. When you touch the fish with tableware, it will have a brilliant texture like konjac or pudding. .

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