【Sugar Reduction】Snow White Raw Milk Roll
【Sugar Reduction】Snow White Raw Milk Roll
【Sugar Reduction】Snow White Raw Milk Roll

【Sugar Reduction】Snow White Raw Milk Roll

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Hand-crafted snow-white raw milk rolls are freshly made according to the order after receiving the order. After making it, it is quickly frozen and delivered the next day. If you want to order fresh unfrozen raw milk rolls, please come to the store to pick them up.

Length 17cm x Width 8.5cm x Height 6cm, net weight 320g (±10%).

Pastry cakes have so-called flexible materials such as sugar, oil and egg yolks. as long as in the egg The more flexible materials you add to the cake, the softer, fluffier, and tastier it will be. But these flexible materials are the enemy of low heat. how to use it in cake The lowest amount of oil, replace sugar with sugar substitute, replace egg yolk with egg white, and let the egg It is extremely difficult to keep the cake fluffy, soft and delicious, and it will not break when rolled. sleepy task.

We are proud to say we did. Our snow white raw milk rolls are made only with egg whites As a substitute for sugar, the protein can be beaten, and the taste is moist Dense, the color remains pure white like the most popular cake in Japan, cut into three A thick raw milk roll (about 60 grams), only 154 calories (C154 P3 F10 S4)...

【Cake ingredients】
Made with French animal fresh cream, bactericidal protein, low-gluten flour, milk, sweetener (erythritol), trehalose, soybean oil and other natural raw materials, without adding coloring, flavoring, monosodium glutamate, hydrogenated oil, face-enhancing agent, Any artificial additives such as stabilizers, water retaining agents, adhesives, leavening agents, anticoagulants, homogenizers, emulsifiers, preservatives, bacteriostats, etc.

【Sugar reduction 57%】
The sugar substitute we use is specially selected from watermelon and grapes and other fruits, which tastes closest to sucrose and is the only sugar substitute listed by the US FDA as a GRAS safe food--erythritol (10 times the price of sucrose). . The glycemic index of erythritol is 0, and the calories are only 1/16 of sucrose. The taste of the cakes made is almost the same as that of sucrose cakes. It is for consumers who need to reduce sugar and calories but do not compromise on deliciousness , providing one more dietary choice, on the premise of satisfying the craving and delicious, without causing unnecessary burden on the body.

Cake picking-18 ° C frozen packaging, in addition to better freshness storage quality, there is no need to worry about contamination by the deoxidizer.

【Storage period】
Freeze for 30 days in the original vacuum pack and refrigerate for 2 days after opening.

【How to eat】
It is recommended that you thaw at room temperature for 1 hour before eating, and then slice with a knife after unpacking (a cake can be cut into about 6-8 slices), so as to restore the taste of the cake when it was just out of the oven, so as to achieve the most perfect flavor.

The human body can absorb 90% of erythritol consumed, so erythritol is less likely to cause diarrhea like other sugar alcohols (such as xylitol and maltitol, etc.). However, we still do not recommend excessive intake of sugar-free desserts every day.

1. Our small shop has limited manpower. The store manager also makes ice cream in addition to making cakes, so everyone's orders are made according to the order of the order. In addition, our weekly delivery days are fixed on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday every three days. The black cat delivery service north of Hsinchu will have a total quantity control during the New Year's Eve. Generally speaking, your order will be received after the order is received. It will arrive after 5-10 working days. We cannot achieve the service of receiving orders on the same day and shipping the next day. If you specify a specific date for delivery, we will try our best to meet your request but cannot guarantee delivery on the specified date. Please understand!

2. For our cakes and ice cream, we only use Black Cat's Delivery Service for frozen home delivery. Because the cake has a short shelf life and is easily damaged during transportation, refrigerated home delivery is not available. According to our experience, Black Cat's Home Delivery Service is already the best home delivery company in Taiwan at present in the cold chain. But recently, the delivery volume of black cats is too large, and occasionally customers report that the frozen quality is not good. We have put ice cream in the package and sealed it tightly, but it may cause slight damage, cracking, loss of temperature (if your ice cream has a flat surface and is less than 80% of the capacity of the cup) and other conditions during transportation. Home delivery companies will disclaim liability for all food delivery services, so if you agree to home delivery delivery, you need to bear the risks and consequences yourself, and we are not responsible for replacement, return and compensation.

3. If you choose to pay by cash on delivery, you must bear the additional cash on delivery fee, the amount is as follows:
Below 2000 yuan 30 yuan
2001 – 5000 yuan 60 yuan
5001 – 10000 yuan 90 yuan
10001 – 20000 yuan 120 yuan

4. If you choose bank transfer, please E-mail or send us a message after the remittance to inform us of your order number and the last 5 codes of the remittance so that we can confirm. We will not start to make your order until we confirm receipt of the remittance.

5. On the day of shipment, we will notify you by email or SMS and give you the tracking number for home delivery. You should normally receive your order the next day. Your invoice will be emailed to you and you will be registered for the vehicle. If your invoice wins, we will send you a winning notification, and then trouble you to go to the convenience store to print and claim the prize.

The human body can absorb 90% of erythritol consumed, so erythritol is less likely to cause diarrhea like other sugar alcohols (such as xylitol and maltitol, etc.). However, we still do not recommend excessive intake.

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customer reviews


Grabbed the limited edition raw milk roll, oh my god~ it's so delicious, the taste is dense, slightly sweet but not greasy, with a clear sense of layering, I recommend it to everyone❤️❤️❤️ By the way, the store manager himself has a strong research and development spirit, and the product is very suitable Those who want to eat dessert but don't want to be burdened enjoy it🎉🎉🎉

Rodney Chen
Taipei City

Strawberry Gold Brick Cake is very rich in taste, white chocolate, strawberry, and raspberry are intertwined, making the rich and smooth and refreshing and slightly sour ingeniously blended. Enjoy it!

in the middle
Taipei City

The Hokkaido Basque cake is very rich but very light and not greasy at all. It is very solid when cut. The ingredients must be very good. It has a dense cheesecake taste in the mouth but is lighter than it. Much, super delicious 😋! It's such a blessing to be able to eat such delicious and unburdened desserts! Big push!

Pei Yu

After searching for a long time, I finally found an ice cream that is suitable for Baba. Sugar lovers also want to eat ice in the hot summer, but it is a great burden for sugar lovers. I am very happy to find Tianzhengtian sugar-free low-calorie ice cream for Baba. You can also enjoy the happiness of eating ice with peace of mind. Zheng Ba said that the taste is very dense like ice cream ~ sip, the point is that the blood sugar has really not risen

Zheng Jiafang

Satisfy the appetite of sugar lovers. Because my husband’s blood sugar is unstable recently, he loves desserts and wants to eat cakes. I immediately thought of "the days are sweet". The raw milk rolls are soft, moist and delicate, and melt in the mouth. No burden after eating. The color of the roll is very healing, and the visual taste is healthy, giving you a sense of happiness.

Xiao Caihua

Accidentally ate it all by myself🤤The filling is very milky but very refreshing, and the cake body is very dense! The whole family can eat happily :) There is a nutrient composition table for reference, and it is a good news for drink control people! I originally wanted to eat slowly in two days, but I actually ate it all in one day hahahaha

Hu Yanhan
Taoyuan City

Everything is just right. After the blueberry lemon pound cake is heated according to the suggestion, it looks oily, but it doesn't feel too oily at all. I have always hated unsweetened desserts. I like the sweetness of your products, and erythritol reduces the real sugar content, which reduces the burden on weight control a lot! I can't taste the taste of lemon


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