our mission

Unhealthy, does life become black and white?

The meaning of the name Heqi is to hope that consumers who use Heqi products can emerge from the mud like a lotus without being polluted, and can still recuperate and be in good spirits in the living environment full of problems around them.

The operating goal of Heqi Nourishing is to introduce well-known foreign daily necessities, so that consumers with specific health orientation ( such as low sugar, low calorie, no fragrance, phosphorus-free, chlorine-free ... etc .) Local market-leading branded goods of nationally tested standards to meet self-set health goals.

Health orientation is not a compromise with perfectionism. Low in calories doesn't mean less tasty, and phosphate-free doesn't mean less cleaning power. The carefully selected products of Heqi Nourishing will not sacrifice the competitive nature of the products because of the high level of health requirements.

The ultimate concept of lotus nourishment is the all-round health sublimation of consumers. The pursuit of health can't just rely on buying goods, but must seriously start to make all-round life changes. While promoting products, Heqi Nourishing will also spend the same effort to promote related health and nourishing concepts.

Nourishing your body isn't about being puritanical, it's about having more radiant self and having fun!