My Shu Simmer Sousvide Experiment (5) Steak

For those who like to cook themselves, the simpler the cooking method, the more challenging it is. Steak is a good example. Steaks with a high degree of fineness can be very delicious as long as you add a little salt. But it is extremely difficult to fry a piece of steak that is crispy on the outside and pink on the inside without oozing juice.

Famous New York Peter Luger Steakhouse, Cash Only

The traditional scientific method used to control steak doneness is to measure the temperature with a thermometer with a probe inserted into the very center of the steak. As shown in the picture below, if the degree of doneness you require is Medium (traditional 5 minutes cooked), you must take out the steak immediately when the temperature of the thermometer reaches 60-65 degrees while frying and grilling the steak.

The core temperature and legend of various cooked steaks

Although the method of controlling the degree of doneness of the steak by temperature control is very precise, there are several disadvantages in practice: firstly, the cooking method can only be limited to the oven; The temperature is more uneven, and it is not very convenient to use. Even if you use an oven to grill your steak, you must be by the oven at all times until it reaches a set temperature.

The probe-type thermometer used in the oven can also be connected to the mobile phone through wifi

But if you do not have a budget limit, the thermometer in the picture above will notify you who are not at the scene that the predetermined temperature has been reached through the app connected to the mobile phone through wifi. Miele's top-of-the-line oven also has an automatic meat grilling program, which uses a wireless temperature probe to automatically control the temperature and automatically powers off when the temperature is complete.

If you think the above method is too much trouble, sous vide's steak cooking provides the perfect solution. First go to Costco or a beef specialty store to buy a piece of Prime steak. Take the most expensive filet in my picture, a piece is about 10 dollars. Simply add a few drops of grapeseed oil (or other vegetable oil with a high smoke point) and a sprig of rosemary to a vacuum bag and vacuum it up.

Take medium-rare (medium) as an example, cook at 60 degrees for 45 minutes, take out the steak and dry it with kitchen paper towels, then add a little oil in a pan (cast iron pan is better) Fry on both sides at high temperature for 30-60 seconds to seal the gravy (depending on the thickness of the steak, remember to turn over the other side after frying on one side, do not turn over and over again), turn off the heat and then tilt the pot to concentrate the oil on the corner of the pot Warm sear the sides of the steak for 10-15 seconds on each side. Voila! Does it look delicious?

The crystal clear steak can also be cooked at home with sous vide

A good steak tastes very delicious as long as you add salt. Modernist Cuisine strongly recommends the Maldon British flaky sea salt pictured below. This is also the designated salt for many top steakhouses in Europe and the United States. It only costs $10 a pack, and you can also buy it in Taiwan.

Famous Maldon flaky sea salt, perfect for sprinkling on steak

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