Sugar Alcohols - carbohydrates that are not absorbed and digested by the body

We often meet friends who eat ketogenic or low-sugar diets and ask us, aren’t you sugar-free and low-sugar? Card dessert, why is the proportion of carbohydrates on the nutrition label so high?

The reason is -- the source of our sweetness: sugar alcohols such as erythritol are actually carbohydrates. But it will not be digested and absorbed by the human stomach, so it is 100% eaten Sugar alcohols will be 100% excreted by the stomach. the carbohydrate The calories are not absorbed by the body and do not cause blood sugar spikes. Therefore although sugar alcohol will be declared in the "carbohydrate" ratio of the nutrition label, but Because it will not be absorbed, it can be ignored, just look at the "sugar content" of the food in our store Ratio" to...

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