My Fitness Pal A good helper app for weight loss and fat loss

Because I started to implement the six-pack muscle plan to reduce the body fat rate to 12%, I have been looking for a suitable tool app to help me record the calories of my daily diet, only to find this free app software My Fitness Pal (MFP) which is popular abroad. ), because of the news that hackers leaked user information a while ago, I learned that this app has 150 million users worldwide, and it was acquired by Under Armor for 450 million US dollars a few years ago.

The biggest problem with implementing and recording a diet plan is that there are many foods we eat every day. At the moment when it is practical and recorded for the first time, we cannot find or determine its calories. One of the advantages of MFP is that it has a food calorie database input by a large number of users. Just enter the Chinese or English name of the food into the search, and most of the food's calorie and nutritional content information entered by the predecessors can be found. If you really can't find it, you can also re-enter it yourself, and you can also share the entered information so that others can search for it.

When logging into the app for the first time, MFP will ask to enter information such as gender, age, height, current weight and target weight, exercise activity, weekly exercise times, each exercise time, and weekly weight gain or loss goals, etc., and the above information Figure out what your total daily calorie goal should be (1900 in my case) following this plan. Then really record the calories of the food eaten in three meals and snacks. As long as the total daily calories do not exceed the daily calorie target, the calories consumed by the body's metabolism every day can make the weight move towards the goal set by yourself week by week.

In addition to recording the calories eaten, MFP also records the calories consumed by the body during exercise. In addition to searching for how much time and what kind of exercise you can burn in a way similar to food search, if you use a sports watch (such as Garmin's Fenix) to record the calories burned by exercise, it will be uploaded with you. Database connections (such as Garmin Connect, etc.) directly add up the calories consumed by each exercise, so as to calculate the daily calorie goal together.

At the beginning, setting a calorie target of 1900 calories per day was actually quite hard work, because a pork rice is about 940 calories, and a Sambo rice bento is about 870 calories, and I am always hungry almost all the time. In order to want to eat more, exercise has become a motivational process. After 1 hour of flywheel class, I burned 500 calories, and today I can eat an extra 500 calories of food. In fact, after 2 weeks of personal experience, I found that there is not much positive correlation between the calorie level of food and whether I will be full. I will write another article discussing how to eat to be low in calories and full.

We will use another article to explain the other functions of My Fitness Pal. I think what you are most interested in is how many days does my 1900-calorie diet plan last? How effective is it? As of writing this article, I have implemented a total of 27 days and lost a total of 2.7 kg, including the indulgent diet of 2 meals a week. Yes! To implement a diet plan effectively, you need to give yourself a little indulgence, but you must also record the calories you eat at this time !

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