New Flavor No Added Sugar Ice Cream - Sangria Spanish Fruit Wine

In the summer of 15 years ago, the store manager took several clients to Barcelona on a business trip to attend a 4-day seminar. This was the only time the store manager had ever been to Spain in his life. In order not to make the beautiful mistake of coming to one of the most beautiful cities in the world but not having time to take a good look around, the store manager took the customers to "skip the meeting" for an afternoon, wandering in the streets of Barcelona full of architectural wonders.
Tired from walking, I found tapas with the best dishes on the side of the road and sat down. The waiter served us a pot of sangria without asking. This is the first time the store manager has had this astonishing fruit cocktail. The cheap Tempranillo red wine, which was not very tasty, has been added with a variety of seasonal sliced ​​fruits, and it has become the champion of outdoor cafe drinks in the world in my mind.
In the last few days of the store manager in Barcelona, ​​I kept ordering sangria. The taste it left in my heart is still not comparable to other places...
For this impression, we specially launched "Sangria" ice cream with alcohol and no added sugar, so that you who have been at home for a long time, while tasting ice cream, feel like the sea breeze blowing in an outdoor cafe in Barcelona without Worried about gaining weight...
Coming soon, stay tuned...
New No-sugar-added Gelato Flavor - Sangria
Coming soon!

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