Women's body fat percentage and changes in body shape

In the previous article, we discussed the body fat percentage of men, and this one will discuss women. Because of the difference in physiological structure, women naturally have higher body fat content than men, so the body fat percentage standards of men and women are very different.

Body fat rate 10-12%
For women, this is an extremely low body fat percentage, and usually only bodybuilders can reach this body fat percentage range. Compared with the lower limit of fat for men is 2% , the lower limit of fat for women to maintain physiological needs is about 8-10% . The main reason is that women's physiological structure requires more fat in the tissues near the chest and uterus. When a woman's body fat rate is between 10-12% , it is not considered healthy or safe in medicine. At this time, menstruation usually stops, and striated muscles, muscle differentiation and blood vessel distribution are clearly visible.

Body fat rate 15-17%
This body fat rate range is still low for women, corresponding to about 6-7% body fat rate for men. Many fitness models in bikinis have body fat percentages in this range, but a percentage of them experience menopause. The shape of the muscles is very obvious in the abdomen, legs, arms and shoulders, and part of the blood vessels can be seen separated from the muscles. Because of the lower body fat percentage, the buttocks and thighs are less visible than the original curves of women.

Body fat rate 20-22%
If the body fat percentage falls in this range, women have reached a suitable figure for bodybuilding, and the body fat percentage of most female athletes is also in this range. The shape of some muscles can be seen in the abdomen, there is some but not obvious body fat in the arms and legs, and the distinction of muscles can also be seen slightly.

Body fat rate 25%
This is the lower limit of the average body fat percentage for most average-sized women who are not overweight or overweight. The curve of the buttocks is usually very obvious, and there is more fat in the buttocks and thighs.

30% body fat
When most men's excess fat is mostly accumulated in the abdomen, women's excess fat is mostly accumulated in the buttocks, buttocks and thighs. When the body fat rate reaches 30% , the buttocks, buttocks and thighs are obviously more rounded, which is also the upper limit of the average body fat rate of medium-sized women.

Body fat rate 35%
At this time, the hips become wider, and the face and neck are obviously wider and rounder. Hips may start to approach 40 inches and above, and waists may start to exceed 32 inches. Belly fat also begins to protrude from the waist.

Body fat rate 40%
The hips and thighs start to get fatter, so the hips should start to be over 42 inches, the waist over 35 inches, and the thighs over 25 inches.

Body fat rate 45%
As fat accumulates more and more, the surface of the skin becomes rough. At this time, the hip circumference may exceed 45 inches, and the waist circumference may exceed 35 inches. The hips may start to look wider than the shoulders.

Body fat rate 50%
As more fat accumulates, the skin starts to look pitted. At this time, the hip circumference should start to exceed 45 inches, the waist circumference should also exceed 40 inches, and the thigh circumference should also exceed 30 inches. The width of the hips is much wider than that of the shoulders.

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