Body fat percentage and body shape changes in men

After understanding the terminology related to body fat rate introduced in the previous article, this article will discuss the body shape changes corresponding to the body fat rate of adult males in various intervals.

Body fat rate 3-4%
Competitors who participate in bodybuilding competitions usually train to a body fat rate of 3-4% . At this time, the body has extremely obvious distribution of blood vessels. Every muscle in the body will have separated and floating veins. Every striated muscle is also clearly visible, and even the buttocks will have striated muscles. When the fat in a man's buttocks disappears, it means that his body fat rate is close to the lower limit of 2% body fat to maintain physiological needs.

Body fat rate 6-7%
A body fat rate of 6-7% is not as extreme as that of a bodybuilder, but it is still in the range of body fat that most men cannot maintain. At this point the cheeks will start to dimple and your family will start to worry that you are going crazy. Many male fitness models will train to this body fat percentage range for photo shoots. At this time, every muscle in the body is clearly visible as shown in textbooks, and most of the muscles in the arms, legs and even the abdomen have obvious blood vessel distribution. The abdominal muscles are trained to have blood vessels, which means that the body fat rate has been low to a certain extent.

Body fat rate 10-12%
This is the body fat percentage range that most men can maintain. At this time, the abdominal muscles should be clearly displayed, but of course they are not as well- organized as the 6-7% body fat percentage. But this size is enough to be an enviable sunshine boy on the beach and attractive to the opposite sex. Although there are no muscles inside, the separated muscle blocks can already be clearly identified. Although not in every muscle, some striated muscles should be visible in the shoulders and arms. Vascularity is only present in the arms and a few legs.

Body fat rate 15%
A body fat rate of 15% is already in the appropriate and lean range. Although not organized, the outline of the muscles is clearly visible. Slight vascularity can be seen in striated muscle, but it will still be covered with a thin layer of fat. Although the muscles are not so well-defined, the body has established a graceful posture.

Body fat rate 20%
The shape of the muscles is somewhat confused, and little striated muscle or vascularity can be seen. There is still a little bit of fat on the stomach but it has not protruded. Most urban men have a body fat rate between 20-25% .

Body fat rate 25%
No muscular shape was discernible, nor was there any evidence of striated muscle or vascularity. The waist circumference began to become significantly thicker, and the waist circumference was about 90% of the hip circumference . A man of 178 cm has a waist circumference of 36 inches or more. Men with a body fat percentage of more than 25% are considered obese, and those with a waist circumference of more than 40 inches are considered obese.

30% body fat
The whole body, including the abdomen, back, thighs and calves, has excessive fat accumulation, the waist circumference is larger than the hip circumference, the abdomen is obviously protruding, and no muscles can be seen on the body.

Body fat rate 35%

When men get fatter and fatter, most of the fat accumulates in the abdomen. Men with a body fat rate of 35% usually have a huge beer belly, with a waist circumference of more than 40 inches.

Body fat rate 40%
The beer belly of men with a body fat rate of 35% has more fat accumulation and is more prominent, and the waist circumference may be close to 45 inches. This posture makes common daily activities such as climbing stairs and bending over to pick up objects more difficult. This range of body fat percentage is close to morbidly obese, and the BMI index usually exceeds 35 , which means that a man with a height of 178 cm weighs more than 110 kg.

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