Understanding Body Fat Percentage

In the process of pursuing weight loss goals, body fat percentage is actually a very important but easily overlooked indicator. We often think that the goal of weight loss is enough, but we don't pay attention to the degree of body fat loss at the same time. When the body adapts to the training of aerobic exercise, the efficiency of fat burning will become lower, and the areas that have not been exercised, such as the abdomen, are still easy to accumulate fat, resulting in an uneven body shape. In the next few articles, we will introduce the body fat rate to you. Before the introduction, let’s explain a few basic concepts related to the body fat rate.

body fat percentage
The percentage grade obtained by dividing the weight of all fat ( body fat ) in the body by the body weight is the body fat percentage. For example, a man with a body weight of 80 kg has a body fat weight of 16 kg, so his body fat rate is 16/80=20% .

body fat distribution
The distribution of fat in the body is different for everyone. For example, women usually don't have a lot of fat in the abdomen, but accumulate most of the fat in the thighs and between the arms. Men are just the opposite, their limbs are usually lean, but the fat is completely accumulated in the abdomen.

Everyone's body shape is different, so even two people with the same body fat percentage can have very different body shapes. A tall, nine-headed supermodel on the catwalk might have the same body fat percentage as a stocky track athlete of average height.

The body shape photos of general body fat percentage usually take young people aged 25-35 as examples. As people age, the measured body fat percentage usually increases. For example, although a 20 -year-old man and a 50 -year-old man have the same amount of subcutaneous fat, the 20 -year-old man's body fat percentage may be 15% , while the 50 -year-old man's body fat percentage is 15%. 20% . This is because the human body accumulates more fat between internal organs and muscles year by year, so the body fat percentage of ordinary people will definitely increase with age.

striated muscle
When a person's figure is leaner, it is easier to see the shape of the horizontal rod-shaped muscles in the body. Such muscles are called striated muscles.

Vascular distribution phenomenon
When the body fat is reduced, the veins on the skin surface of the body will become more and more easily visible, and even gradually emerge. This phenomenon is called vascular distribution phenomenon.

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