Italian ice cream OEM production

When we traveled to Japan, we went to Yubari, Hokkaido, and there were cantaloupe products everywhere, apples from Aomori, peaches from Yamanashi, muscat grapes from Okayama, and many famous products made from local fruits.

Taiwan is a kingdom of fruits, and the quality of our fruits is stronger than that of Japan. But have you ever heard of the ice cream made by Taitung Sakya, Yuli Mango, Yuhebao Lychee, Swallow Nest Guava, and Madou Wendan?

rare! The reason is that most ice cream manufacturers do not use fresh fruit or puree, but use ready-made ice cream mix or concentrated fruit syrup. Because the raw material manufacturing country of ice cream is Italy, France, the United States or Japan. They don't produce lychees, so although Taiwan is the kingdom of lychees, we can't eat ice cream that is as big as lychees...

If you are a small farmer, or a small shop like us. You want to turn your agricultural products or unique recipes into ice cream, but are hindered by expensive production equipment. If you have eaten sweet ice cream, like our taste and agree with the concept of store manager Amin. You can entrust us to help you produce your exclusive flavor ice cream. It is also packed in a 100ml carton, which also helps you solve the problem of ice cream cabinet and ice cream preservation...
If you are interested, please send a message to the store manager A Ming!

OEM process fee description:

Recently, many friends asked how to cooperate with us to produce ice cream, and the store manager specially made this flow chart. You can first understand the model you want to cooperate with, and then discuss the details with the store manager.

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