Attention Northern friends! 10% off our four flavors of ice cream at Ernst & Young Fresh!

After nearly 2 years of hard work, our ice products are finally on the shelves of supermarkets.
In fact, last year, some distributors came to contact us, but our products are produced by hand in a small amount, and the distributors must meet strict food hygiene standards such as inspection and packaged food. The store manager has been hesitant to take this step...
Until we met Ernst & Young Fresh, which was invested by the listed company Chongyue Technology. This supermarket used the standards of investing in the technology industry to set up the best refrigeration equipment in Taiwan, and operated the supermarket with the spirit of engaging in the health industry. With the same understanding of the concept and their sincere invitation, the store manager finally overcame all difficulties, completed the plan of the supermarket shelves step by step, and successfully pushed our products to the channel...
Our summer memories (signature flavor), Taiwanese green tea, blueberry yogurt and pineapple lemon sorbet four kinds of sugar-free ice creams will be available in 10 Ernst & Young stores starting this week. Friends in the north can now buy it without home delivery, and now there is a limited 10% discount for new products!
You can find the store closest to your home from here

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