Ketogenic control vs taro control...

Brand New Product - Sugar Free Taro Purple Potato Basque - Limited in June
Customers who come to our store usually can't eat carbohydrates, so when the store manager develops new flavor cakes, he will deliberately avoid ingredients that are delicious but purely carbohydrates-such as taro.
But the store manager couldn’t get rid of the various requests of the deputy store manager who is a taro lover, and finally developed the first taro cake in the store - taro purple potato Basque, which was unexpectedly delicious (people have a tendency to self-destruct) ...
The store manager originally only needed to put a thin layer of taro paste in the Basque cake, but the deputy store manager asked to put half of it. After constant compromises (threats), the two sides nodded at 1/3, maintaining a certain flavor of taro paste and controlling it The proportion of carbohydrates will not be too high.
The mashed taro is made by the store manager himself and not a semi-finished product used by ordinary cake shops, so the ingredients are only 100% taro, milk, erythritol and purple sweet potato powder, without the oil, coloring and artificial additives in the general taro filling. Purple potato powder is also added to the cheesecake to make it a light purple color, which maintains the consistent characteristics of Days Sweet using natural ingredients, no added sugar, lower calories, elegant and delicious, and suitable for home delivery.
This cake will be available only in June. If everyone responds well, the store manager will consider looking for delicious taro to peel and make it a normal product. I hope you will give the store manager some feedback!

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