Excellent drink for exercise and slimming--smoothie

The smoothie drink has been popular abroad for many years. Recently, due to the gradual popularity of sugar-free yogurt and high-powered juice machines in Taiwan, its visibility has gradually increased. Compared with the common domestic milkshakes and smoothies, the main ingredients of Smoothie are vegetables, fruits, sugar-free yogurt, etc., relatively high in vitamin C and fiber and relatively low in carbohydrates, and yogurt contains High units of whey protein and low fat content, without high-calorie junk food such as ice cream, corn syrup, whipped cream, concentrated sugary fruit juice and chocolate sauce, which are common milkshake and smoothie ingredients, are less burdensome to the body . In addition, the refreshing sweet and sour taste can help boost the spirit and restore fatigue, making the smoothie one of the most popular drinks for foreign fitness and exercisers after exercising.

The time to drink smoothies is not only after exercise, but also as a no-burden food for breakfast and supper. As long as you have the right juicer, you can usually prepare a smoothie in minutes, and pack it in a sealed portable thermos, which can be taken on the drive to work, to the office, school, anywhere. However, smoothies can be made healthy or unhealthy. This article will introduce how to make a healthy smoothie with the right ingredients, and become an excellent drink that can help you lose weight while maintaining a sense of satiety at the most appropriate calorie.

How to make a healthy and satisfying smoothie? Fitness (Fitness) magazine recommends using the following four ingredients. The first is the liquid main ingredient in the smoothie. It is best to use low-fat or skim milk to increase the vitamin D and calcium in the smoothie. Instead of dairy, soy milk, almond milk, or water can be used. The second main ingredient is usually protein with no fat ingredients, such as nonfat plain yogurt, silken tofu, or unflavored protein powder. Next is a small amount of healthy monounsaturated fat, such as avocado, to add smoothness to the smoothie. Finally, add high-fiber carbohydrates such as fruits and vegetables, such as cranberries and blueberries, which are good ingredients with the highest fiber content and the lowest sugar content.

In traditional smoothies, only fruits and no vegetables are usually added, but in fact, adding vegetables can increase the nutritional content of smoothies. Dark green vegetables such as kale or spinach are rich in nutrients, and a powerful juicer can puree these leafy vegetables into smoothies. If you are not used to the taste of vegetables, you can add fruits with stronger flavors such as bananas to reconcile. Adding veggies to your smoothie will turn an odd green or brown color, but your smoothie will also have more vitamins, minerals, and fiber added. Non-green vegetables like carrots, gherkins and squash are also very nutritious and good additions to smoothies.

Drinking strawberry and banana smoothies every time will inevitably be monotonous. Adding unexpected flavor combinations to smoothies can often increase the interest and satiety of weight loss smoothies. The smoothie combination recommended by Fitness magazine includes fat-free sugar-free yogurt, spinach, pear, grape, avocado and lemon juice, etc. It still maintains a fresh and sweet taste but is full of nutrition. It contains 21 grams of protein and 9 grams The fiber is high, and the calories are also controlled at just over 300 calories. Dr. Mehmet Oz's website also recommends an energy-boosting smoothie made with unsweetened cocoa powder, natural peanut butter, bananas, and unsweetened yogurt, which has 16 grams of protein and fewer than 250 calories. When weight loss goals are in mind, smoothies should not be too high in calories. Eating Well magazine recommends that the smoothie should not exceed 300 calories if it is used as a snack, or 400 calories if it is used as a meal replacement.

It's easy to turn a healthy smoothie into a calorie-dense junk food by adding just a few ingredients. To maintain weight loss goals, Eating Well magazine also recommends avoiding full-fat dairy products, fresh or concentrated fruit juices with added sugar, flavored yogurt or full-fat coconut water. Also, avoid turning a smoothie from a healthy snack into an elaborate dessert, so high-calorie ingredients like ice cream, sherbet, chocolate sauce, or whipped cream should also be avoided.

The article is excerpted from livestrong.com
(Original link: http://www.livestrong.com/article/250494-healthy-smoothies-to-lose-weight/ )

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