New Product -- Panini Panini Sandwich

The store manager, who has lived abroad for many years, has a lot of opinions on the Italian panini sandwiches in Taiwan.
First of all, bread is used indiscriminately, toast is also used, and French baguettes are also used. This is not right. The orthodox method is to use Italian ciabatta bread, so that it will be crispy when pressed, and there is no need to apply trans fat on the bread. Made margarine.
The next sandwich is restructured meat pork chops and cheap cheese. Because the flavor of the meat and cheese is not enough, I have to spread a thick layer of high-calorie mayonnaise, ketchup and mustard. The last part is the lettuce. Only cold sandwiches use lettuce. The key to the deliciousness of Panini is that the crispy skin is fully and evenly blended with cheese, green vegetables, and ham after hot pressing. Therefore, the part of the dish must be baked first, so that the bread will not become wet due to the water coming out during the hot pressing process.
According to such standards, the store manager uses the best ingredients, including the ciabatta bread from the famous bakery "Bread Forest" in Taichung, which is hard to find, and the preservative-free and additive-free kiln from "Chaiyao Ham Factory", which is also hard to find. Baked ham, plus imported Gouda and Havarti cheese, the ingredients themselves have a rich taste, so there is no need to add high-calorie seasonings and margarine, let our panini reach 600 calories each (about 20x6 cm, female friends You may be full if you eat half of it) below the low-calorie and low-GI dietary standards.
We will start trial selling our panini sandwiches, limited to 10 per day, 200 yuan each. Welcome to send a message to make an appointment with us first!

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