Panettone Tasting

In order to become more and more sophisticated, the store manager specially bought Panatoni Italian fruit bread imported from Italy and a famous bakery, and tasted and compared it with the standards of WSET Level 4 Sommelier, to see what else we can do again Progressive place...

Imported from Italy by Bauli:

Visual: plump, dark amber surface, yellow bread body
Smell: Natural Yeast, Provence Spices, Dried Flowers, Essential Oils, Citrus, Licorice
Taste: natural yeast, licorice, egg yolk, citrus, cinnamon, licorice, chrysanthemum, fairy dregs
Balance: ★★★★★
Multiple: ★★★★★
Rich: ★★★★★
Conclusion: The shelf life of imported bread from Italy turns out to be until June next year. It's amazing what ingredients are used. The bread is full of Mediterranean spices, which I obviously lack. Our natural yeast flavor is very close, and the ratio of dried fruit is not much different from the texture of bread. Although there is no production date marked, the bread tastes slightly dry but not too dry, and has a slightly aged taste of the second fermentation. The spice, fruit, and natural yeast flavors of the bread are evenly integrated, full of rich flavor elements of various origins, and you must know that it is authentic bread from Italy.

A famous bakery:

Sight: Full, light amber surface, light wheat-colored bread body Smell: Vanilla, crisp roasted nuts, yeast honey, dried fruit Taste: Vanilla, almonds, honey, yeast, citrus Balance: ★★★★
Multiple: ★★★
Rich: ★★★★

Conclusion: The bread of this famous bakery that is open only a few days a week is actually very delicious. But Panadoni tastes like an angel in the sky, too pure and flawless. Very clean yeast (should come from Japan), without using too many egg yolks, very solid vanilla ingredients, with fresh citrus peel and a touch of honey, making this bread more like it comes from a contemporary minimalist museum (still very tasty), not from glamorous and lazy Italy.

The days are sweet ⅓ sugar Panadoni:

Sight: medium-full, dark amber surface, yellow bread body Smell: rum, citrus, natural yeast, candied fruit, pudding Taste: natural yeast, rum, egg yolk, citrus, mascarpone cheese Balance: ★★★★
Multiple: ★★★★
Rich: ★★★★★

Conclusion: Because our bread has reduced the sugar in the recipe to ⅓ of the original, so although it has been fermented for 48 hours four times, it is still a small one because of the lack of food for the yeast. However, the color, texture, ratio of dried fruit and the aroma of Italian natural yeast are very close to the local Italian Panadoni. Although erythritol is used, the sweetness is also quite close. Because 75% Jamaican rum is used to soak the raisins, our bread is full of rum aroma than others. In addition, our bread has a unique creamy frankincense of mascarpone cheese, which may be due to a longer fermentation time and less sugar. The yeast in the dough consumes all the sugar and converts the fruit acid into lactic acid. Produced by MLF fermentation process.

We dare not compare with the first-class bread masters, but hope that through this evaluation, we can review our own strengths and weaknesses, so that we can have more room for improvement when making this year's Panadoni...

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