How is our sugar-free ice cream different from regular ice cream?

The store manager has lost another 20 kilograms because of his own diabetes, but he still loves desserts, especially ice cream. In order to prevent myself from gaining weight and maintain the habit of a low-carb diet, I developed and promoted sugar-free ice cream to friends who have the same needs as me.

What are the differences between our sugar-free ice cream and commercially available ice cream?

  1. Most commercially available ice creams have 20-30% added sugar by weight, and some even boast that their ice cream is low in calories and calories. Our ice cream is added with erythritol and maltitol, which are recognized as safe food by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, so the average sugar content of all our ice cream flavors is only 5%, mainly from the lactose in milk With fructose in fruit, it is the only really low GI (glycemic index) ice cream on the market.
  2. Low calorie In addition to no added sugar, we use gelato to make the fat content of all ice cream below 10%, instead of 18% of ordinary ice cream. Therefore, the calories of our 100ml cup of ice cream are between 50-180 calories, which is equivalent to the calories of 1-3 eggs, which is about half of the calories of general commercially available ice cream.
  3. The air content of ordinary ice cream is about 50%, so in 100ml ice cream, 50ml is air. Because there is so much air, the taste must be easily diluted, so a lot of oil, sugar, spices and coloring must be added to maintain the rich flavor of the ice cream. The production process of our Italian ice cream controls the air content below 20%, and the higher proportion of ingredients can make you feel the richer natural food flavor.
  4. Natural ingredients All of our ice cream flavors are made from natural food and food ingredients without any coloring, flavoring and preservatives.
  5. When you buy a box of ice cream with a dense texture and want to eat it now, do you often find it difficult to scoop it out and leave it for a while to defrost? This is because the storage temperature of ice cream should be -14 ~ -15 °C, but generally the freezer at home or supermarket is set at -20 °C, so the ice cream will be too hard. Because the store manager loves to eat ice cream but is very impatient, it is impossible to wait for the ice cream to be removed when it is time to eat, so we specially adjusted the formula of our ice cream. All our ice cream does not need to be removed from the refrigerator, and it is as smooth as a spoon. Creamy taste.

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