Netflix Original Series – Chef's Table

I would like to spend a little space here to share a documentary series - Chef's Table (Chef's Table) produced by the online audio-visual platform Netflix with friends who love food. The producer of this series, David Gelb, is also the director of the famous documentary "The God of Sushi". Each episode of Chef's Table focuses on a world-renowned chef to tell a story, describing his or her growth background, daily life, creative process and philosophy of life...etc.

Generally speaking, the programs that introduce food are either filmed like commercials paid by the Travel Channel and restaurants, or they are like competition shows like Hell’s Kitchen, or a famous chef goes around the world to eat disgusting food at roadside stalls, otherwise Just pat on the cooking teaching programs that the master left behind. Two years ago, the National Geographic Channel asked Katie Button, who dropped out of biochemistry and turned into a chef, to be the host of a series of World's Best Chefs programs. Unfortunately, her cooking skills, hosting skills and connotation were not up to the mark. Although she interviewed Ferran Adrià, etc. A first-class chef, after watching the show, he was not impressed, so he stopped naturally after 10 episodes in one season.

The Chef's Table series is relatively popular with audiences, and the fourth season has already been filmed. Personally, I think the more interesting part of this program is that the director filmed it like a documentary film introducing artists, carefully framing and moving the camera, without a host, but through the monologue of the chef, follow-up filming during work and non-working hours, Interviews with food critics and working partners, etc., trying to understand his outlook on life and philosophy, principles and attitudes in doing things, and then in-depth understanding of his creative process.

The process of dining in these world-class restaurants has already made people enjoy the ultimate sensory experience. The intellectual and humanistic part can be supplemented by watching this series of albums!

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