The Dream of Scales - Tanita RD-800 Body Composition Meter

Tanita, a Japanese manufacturer of scales , started selling a new top-of-the-line model of body composition scales - innerScan DUAL RD-800 on November 11 this year . Why should I introduce this machine in particular ? Because this home body composition meter made in Japan uses Tanita 's latest generation technology to measure body weight, body fat, BMI index, muscle mass ( muscle mass ) , and muscle mass score from the left and right sides of the body. ( muscle points ) , body water percentage, visceral fat level, metabolic age, basal metabolic rate, estimated bone mass, pulse , etc. 26 measurement items. For sports enthusiasts, this is simply a replacement for Tanita or InBody is a large-scale body composition analyzer that can be placed at home and measured as a dream product.

Compared with the general basic type or body fat meter with handle, this machine adopts the mainstream dual-frequency measurement method in the medical field in addition to the left and right measurement functions mentioned above. By measuring its changes through cells, it is possible to more accurately analyze the values ​​of body fat and muscle mass, and it is the first in the world to measure muscle mass scores ( gluten points ) . In addition, this body composition device can measure body fat percentage, muscle mass and muscle score for the five parts of the hands, feet and torso, and the muscle mass scores of the hands and feet can also be measured individually to help exercise The user can keep abreast of the condition of the body and strengthen training for specific areas.

Of course, the new generation of machines must also be able to correspond to mobile apps. Tanita 's HealthPlanet program (iOS/android corresponding ) can directly use Bluetooth to start the body composition meter to start measurement. After the measurement is completed, all the data will be directly transmitted to the mobile phone, and it will be displayed on the mobile phone at a glance, similar to that on the screen of a large body composition analyzer. All measurement information and analysis graphics. The data of each measurement will also be stored in the mobile phone, and the trend of each measurement data can be tracked through the historical data graph, so that athletes can create a greater sense of accomplishment by recording the results of body shape changes.

Good friends who love sports, are you thinking about moving one back to Japan this year? It doesn’t have to be so troublesome. Amazon Japan has a direct shipping service to Taiwan. The RD-800 , which went on sale on November 11 , has already been received in Taiwan on November 14. The consumption tax saved by overseas mail order is just about the same as the shipping cost to Taiwan.

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