How to make sugar-free Custard Puff

The store manager A Ming, who is unable to come to the Taichung store to taste our signature puffs, specially shared his specially developed method of no added sugar and low fat custard puffs on YouTube. Each 100g has only 150 calories. .

Most of the stores outside use ready-made custard powder, or use high-calorie plant and animal fresh cream. The day is sweet, and fresh eggs are used to make custard sauce on the day. You can tell how delicious it is once you try it.

You can also make it yourself at home and enjoy delicious but low GI desserts.

Here is our recipe recipe

Puff Leather Water 179g
Salt 1.5 g
Salad oil 63g
125g high-gluten flour
Egg 170g
Cyclone oven 190 degrees 18 minutes

Custard Filled Milk 405g
Erythritol 55g
Egg yolk 81g
Low-gluten flour 16 g
16 g corn flour
Cream 12g
Lychee honey 20 g

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