Half-sugar Panettone Half-sugar Panettone

It’s almost December again, and the streets of Italy are selling Panatoni bread again. This bread is very complicated to make. First of all, natural yeast must be used, otherwise there will be no fruity aroma. Next, there will be four fermentations of nearly 48 hours, because the fermentation time of natural yeast is difficult to control. The bread contains a high proportion of sugar, egg yolk and cream, so you have to be very patient when mixing the dough and slowly add the ingredients for more than an hour and mix well. This also allows the bread to be stored at room temperature for a long time without adding improvers. hard.
Originally, our low-calorie dessert shop was reluctant to push this kind of high-calorie but very delicious bread. But the store manager studied in Bologna, Italy, and has always been unforgettable about the taste of this bread. In addition, the bread making process is labor-intensive, and the CP value of the store is too low. Few bakeries are willing to make it, or they mostly use flour containing additives to make it quickly with one or two fermentations, which has lost the original Panadoni. flavor.
The goal of the store manager this year is to develop and reduce the sugar content of this bread without affecting the flavor of the bread. The current formula has reached 50% off. We will move towards the goal of 75% off.
Our Panadoni bread is soft and delicate, fermented with natural yeast for a long time, paired with raisins full of Jamaican lime wine and candied orange peel in Italy, the taste is rich and full of layers, and it will definitely subvert your previous perception of Panadoni bread Impressions that bring you back to Italy in your memory. Friends who are interested can come to our store to try it out.
This Wednesday, before the store manager goes hiking, he will bake three Panadoni breads. Each 350g is priced at 350 yuan. After that, it will only be made once a week, and other counties and cities can also order room-temperature home delivery on the official website. Because the production time is long and the output is limited, please be sure to book in advance.

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