Exploration of the 100 famous dessert shops of Gelateria in Tokyo (1) - Kameju

The store manager, Dengnan Section 2, withdrew and temporarily had 6 extra days of vacation. He decided to go to Tokyo for a pop-up trip to visit gelato parlors and the 2022 Top 100 Tokyo Dessert Stores with the highest ratings by the Japanese food review website tabelog.

The first one is to talk about this famous store "Kameju" which is located across the street from the Asakusa Kannonji store. He is the first among the three major dorayaki in Tokyo, and the only one in the top 100 restaurants. The queuing position is not a short row at the entrance of the store. In order to avoid the crowds in the queue from affecting the subway entrances and intersections, some people manage the queuing team to vacate part of the area. The starting point of the queuing line is usually at the corner of the intersection after the turn...

After queuing for 1 hour, I finally bought the dorayaki which is limited to 3,000 per day. Although the shelf life is only 3 days, I still have to come and buy it. Foreign tourists in this store seem to be seldom aware of it. Almost all the people in the queue are Japanese, and many people only buy 2-3 after queuing for an hour.

The dorayaki of this century-old restaurant is characterized by its fried tiger-skin-like outer skin, which has the burnt aroma of brown sugar, Q bombs but not soft. Among the dorayaki that I have eaten so far, no one can reach his level. No wonder there are still such queues after opening for a century.

Seeing how this store and its clerks package goods, I can't help thinking of the Sun Tang main store on Ziyou Road, which is no longer there, and I feel a little bit emotional...

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