Basque America vs Japan

We are often asked by customers, is your sugar-free ketogenic Basque cake, classic (using American cream cheese and French whipped cream) or signature (using Hokkaido Tokachi cream cheese and Hokkaido Tokachi fresh cream cream) better?
Don't children make choices? In order to avoid your choice obstacles, we launched the "Ice Cream and Basque American-Japanese Matchup Combination", allowing you to PK our ketogenic cake with the lowest sugar content and the highest protein. If you feel that cheesecake is a bit greasy right now, you can also enjoy the same ketogenic but more refreshing sugar-free ice cream, which can satisfy your hunger without feeling guilty...
Free shipping for orders before the end of March (worth $225), and we will also give you three sugar-free French fruit marshmallows (worth $150) for the first 10 orders...  
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