Sugar-free (sugar-reduced) dessert sugar content, calories, protein content, fat content comparison table

A customer asked, the doctor ordered not to eat sugar, but to eat more protein, which one of our desserts has the least sugar and the most protein?

The store manager specially used an Excel chart that has not been used for a long time to list the sugar content, calories, protein and fat per 100 grams of "Sweet Days" desserts. You can compare right away:

The average sugar content of our 12 desserts was 4%, which is less than the 5-10% recommended by diabetic doctors. Among them, the banana cake has the lowest sugar content, which only contains 0.3 grams per 100 grams. The highest was the cheese and kumquat pound cake (7.9%). It is worth mentioning that the egg-separating method is used to maintain a soft and moist taste, and the blueberry lemon pound cake with a little sugar is added, and the sugar content is only 2.5%.

In terms of calories, the lowest is undoubtedly our tiramisu zebra cheese. There are only 102 calories per 100 grams. Zebra cheese is originally a dessert designed by the store manager to be made with the lowest calories. Our coffee zebra cheese even has only 60 calories per 100 grams. The most calorie cake is the recent best-selling golden brick cake. Although it is ketogenic, the chocolate, cream and fresh cream constitute the main source of calories.

The dessert with the highest protein content was chocolate hazelnut whipped cream roll (6.3%), and the lowest was chocolate golden brick cake (2.7%). To get a lot of pure protein, you may still need to eat more eggs and whey protein.

The lowest-fat dessert is banana cake, because bananas can replace cream and flour in the pound cake structure, reducing its fat content to only 9.5%. The rum chestnut pound cake uses chestnut puree instead of butter and flour, so the fat content is only 10.7%. The most oily dessert is the chocolate gold brick cake, no wonder every guest said it was super delicious (people have a tendency to self-destruct...)

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