I will not apologize for my price.

A customer came into the store and asked the store manager, your business does not seem to be very good, and the ice cream is so expensive, so if I buy two at a time, is there any discount?
The store manager wanted to answer. He was in the financial industry back then, and the customer placed an order of 50 million US dollars at a time, and he didn't ask if it could be cheaper....
This is a short article "I will not apologize for my pricing" that is often shared by friends on FB recently. The store manager translated this short article into Chinese to answer for friends who asked about discounts....

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I will not apologize for my price.
No small shop should...
My prices allow me to make a profit.
This allows me to pay my bills.
This allows me to amortize my expensive production equipment purchases to produce high quality products.
This allows me to pay my rent.
It also allows me to continue doing business to support my philosophy.
My prices allow me to earn myself paid for the countless hours I work. I was never really "off work".
My price allows me to create a cute little shop for friends in need of sugar-free ice cream desserts to come and enjoy a no-fuss treat.
I own a small shop. The store manager and deputy store manager will personally pack the order for you. They also remember you and genuinely care about your sweet little shop.
I am not a consortium nor do I use the lowest priced ingredients and additives for industrial production. I produce by hand using the best natural ingredients that the store manager feels safe and affordable. I can't outsource the foundry like a consortium to produce hundreds of thousands at a time, provide ice cream and desserts at the "lowest price", and still survive.
I'm not the "cheapest". I'm not the "most expensive" either.
My price also hopes that customers who think our food is delicious can come back to consume again, instead of not coming back because it is too expensive or feels cheated after eating.
My price is to allow this small shop to continue to develop, which allows me to continue to give back to the society, so that friends who can't eat sugar can still enjoy ice cream and desserts healthily and happily.
I will not apologize for my price.
No small shop should...

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