Sugar-free ketogenic Valentine's Day cake accepts pre-orders

Congratulations everyone on the holiday! Not long after the new year is Valentine's Day. Thinking of what to gift your health-conscious lover?

Following our best-selling products [Raspberry Raw Chocolate] and [Charcoal Baked Oolong Raw Chocolate] Golden Brick Cake, this year we specially launch the heart-shaped [Raspberry Strawberry Raw Chocolate] Golden Brick Cake for lovers. This Valentine's Day cake has no carbohydrates, no sugar, and is 100% ketogenic, allowing you to give the cake to your dearest lover with a healthy and low GI.
The store manager uses Belgian sugar-free white chocolate and freeze-dried and ground strawberry powder, plus French fresh cream, French fermented cream and sterilized egg liquid to make a strawberry-flavored raw chocolate ganache. The source of sweetness is the use of maltitol and red trecitol, topped with a dusting of freeze-dried ground raspberry powder for garnish, and pinned a sugar-free strawberry chocolate rose. No coloring, flavoring and chemical additives are used in the cake.
The cake is about six inches (350ml), with a net weight of 400 grams (±10%), each priced at $720. Reservations only. Production is limited, while supplies last. Home delivery can be frozen in other counties and cities.
Welcome to send a message or leave a message to order. The official website will be available before 2/1.

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