Fat Man Flywheel (1)

Fat man I started running 3 years ago. I have maintained an average exercise frequency of 8 kilometers twice a week . I have not specially controlled my diet. My weight has dropped from 98kg to 85kg, and my body fat percentage has also dropped from 23%. To 17% , the fatness has been reduced a lot. I have lived in a temperate country for the past 5 years, and the hottest summer is 25 degrees. Running is a very comfortable thing. I moved back to Taiwan at the end of last year. It was fine in winter. In June this year, the temperature had already soared to 38 degrees. Fat men like me were already sweating profusely when walking. After running 8 kilometers without heat stroke, we lost 2 kilograms of sweat. After running You can also take a look at your weight.

Regular exercise is still necessary, because it is too hot to run during the day, and I can't get up early in the morning, so I, a fat man, decided to start running at night. Running at night is actually quite cool, and there is even the benefit of running behind hot girls and hot moms who are afraid of being exposed to the sun during the day, but here comes the problem. Our body will keep the motor nerves in an excited state after running. I can't fall asleep for hours, which often causes me to suffer from insomnia.

In addition, in the past few years of running, the muscles of the lower body have gradually become even, but the fat belly, fat buttocks and fat breasts of the fat man's upper body are still uncomfortable. I remember an episode where Kangxi came to visit Lin Yijie, the world super marathon champion. Xiao S opened his shirt. He also has a small belly. He also admitted that many years of long-distance running can not train chest and abdominal muscles. Therefore, the fat man started to engage in core muscle training, and evenly trained the muscles of the upper body. At the beginning, he watched youtube and followed Yixiu to practice tabata for 4 minutes each time . As a result, his muscles felt strained after a short training. Think about it It's not an option to practice indiscriminately like this. You should go to the gym and train in the correct way with the coach. I also joined the fitness club after PTT found a second-hand membership transfer that was much cheaper than the new membership price .

After joining the fitness club, I found that the personal trainer course priced at 2,000 yuan per hour was too expensive. I decided to start with the free fixed course first. The dance course was too girly ( in fact, I was afraid that the fat would continue to vibrate when the dance stopped in front of the hot girl ) , Yoga courses, I am afraid that there is too much fat on my body. Fat man, I have ridden a bike before running. I want to say that I can run 6 minutes in 10K. The flywheel course should be a small case , so let’s start with the elementary flywheel course ! Unexpectedly, after the first class, other The students ( including Obasan ) are calm and relaxed. I look like the biggest Chinese grass in the whole class. The sweat dripping from the ground is as much as peeing. After getting off the flywheel, there are gold stars on my head. I almost staggered and couldn’t stand still. fuck ...

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