Why is the fruit jelly sold outside so cheap

First of all, you can refer to the ingredients of a big brand of fruit jelly:
Glucose syrup, sugar, water, gelatin (bovine origin), sweetener (D-sorbitol), citric acid, lactic acid, flavoring (strawberry flavor, apple flavor, pineapple flavor, orange flavor, grape flavor, lemon flavor), coloring (Eat yellow No. 4, eat yellow No. 5, eat red No. 40, eat blue No. 1).
There is no fruit and natural ingredients in it. Origin Indonesia.
Compare the ingredients in our fruit gummies:
100% French strawberry puree (French blueberry puree or French tropical fruit puree), American maltitol, American erythritol, American honey, French natural pectin, Taiwan lemon juice.
There are only fruits and natural ingredients in it, handmade by the store manager in the small kitchen where the days are sweet...
The water in the fruit puree will evaporate when the soft candy is cooked, and 1 kg of fruit puree can only produce 500 grams of fruit soft candy, so the fruit flavor you eat is double the richness and aftertaste...
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