Where is the difference in taste in our pound cakes?

We are often asked this question by customers, and we simply introduce the differences in the taste of each pound cake.

banana cake
It's our signature pound cake, using bananas instead of flour, drastically reducing the calories of the cake, making it our lowest calorie pound cake yet just as rich and delicious.
Blueberry Lemon Pound Cake
It is made using the egg-separating method, so it tastes moister and softer than ordinary pound cakes, and the taste is the same as that of Japanese-style pound cakes in ordinary dessert shops, full of sweet and sour fruit flavors.
Cheesy Kumquat Pound Cake
Standard European and American pound cake flavor. The addition of cream cheese makes the taste more mellow, and the preservative-free kumquat candied fruit of Orange Township makes the taste richer, and it also makes this cake less sweet and greasy than ordinary pound cakes.
Rum Chestnut Pound Cake
Use a lot of low-calorie French chestnut puree to replace the flour and cream, so that the cake body remains moist under the low-oil and low-sugar structure. The rum has evaporated during baking, but the flavor still remains in the cake. Friends who love chestnuts should not miss it.
How is it different from pound cakes from other dessert shops? We use erythritol, which is 10 times the price of sugar, to make cakes. We use French fermented cream instead of ghee with ultra-high trans fat in most stores. We add the best ingredients such as sterilized egg liquid, and we don’t use it at all. Understand the food additives, so that you will not have health concerns when eating cakes, and each cake is a solid 700-800 grams.
When ordering pound cake in the store, you can ask us to heat it up for you...

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