Our lattes use supermarket-bought milk

Into the winter, everyone began to drink hot drinks to keep warm. The reason why many people come to the store to order American coffee is that they dare not drink the milk in the coffee shop.
The store manager despises the coffee shop that emphasizes that he is very good at roasting beans. In order to reduce costs, he uses "fresh milk for business" that cannot be sold in supermarkets (please google what bowl cake this is). In a coffee shop, you can ask the shopkeeper to show the milk they use, and then you can decide whether you want a latte...
The Chicago Intelligentsia black cat coffee beans we imported by air are the only coffee beans that the store manager has become addicted to after tasting Italian coffee all over the world for many years. Although it is the flavor of Beiyi medium roast, it definitely tastes better than American latte when made into latte. We also have green tea and chocolate lattes made with real green tea powder and cocoa powder (not brew packets). Alcoholic friends can also ask the store manager about our hidden latte!

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