Charcoal-baked oolong chocolate red bean chocolate golden brick cake is newly launched before the end of November with a 10% discount on the new product launch price

Charcoal Baked Oolong Chocolate Red Bean Chocolate Golden Brick Cake
6-inch round box, diameter 6 inches (15 cm) x height 4 cm, net weight 400 grams (±10%), each 720 yuan, new product 10% off 650 yuan.
Using Belgian sugar substitute white chocolate as the base, mixed with Taiwanese charcoal-roasted oolong tea flavor, spread a layer of honey red beans from Pingtung Wantan on the bottom, spread a layer of charcoal-roasted oolong tea powder on the surface of the cake, and decorate with an oolong tea chocolate rose .

【What is Chocolate Gold Brick Cake】
Simply put, it is an upgraded version of cheesecake. In order to make the cake have a soft and smooth structure without carbohydrates. Cheesecake is based on cream cheese and whipped cream, and the lecithin of the egg emulsifies the cake into a silky texture during the baking process. When we replace all the cream cheese in the cheesecake with more noble tempered chocolate, the finished product baked at this time is the chocolate gold brick cake.
Chocolate BRIC cake has the same texture as cheesecake, but it does not have the taste of cheese. Instead, it has a light and mellow chocolate flavor, and the taste is softer and smoother than cheese. The store manager hopes that with this product, friends who can't eat sugar and carbohydrates can enjoy the top dessert flavor.
【Cake Ingredients】
Made with Belgian sugar substitute white chocolate, sterilized egg liquid, French animal whipped cream, French fermented cream, charcoal roasted oolong tea powder, sweetener (erythritol) and other natural ingredients, without adding coloring, flavoring, monosodium glutamate, hydrogenated oil, Any artificial additives such as surface-benefiting agents, stabilizers, water-retaining agents, adhesives, leavening agents, anti-coagulants, homogenizers, emulsifiers, preservatives, and bacteriostats.
【No added sugar】
The sugar substitute we use is specially selected from the erythritol (10 times the price of sucrose) that exists in nature, tastes closest to sucrose and is the healthiest. The glycemic index of erythritol is 0, and the calories are only 1/16 of sucrose. The taste of the cakes made is almost the same as that of sucrose cakes. It is for consumers who need to reduce sugar and calories but do not compromise on deliciousness , providing one more dietary choice, on the premise of satisfying the craving and delicious, without causing unnecessary burden on the body.
Cakes are packed in frozen packaging and shipped on the same day after the order is made.
【Storage period】
Store refrigerated for 3 days, freezer for 30 days.
【How to eat】
It is recommended that you take the cake out of the freezer and leave it at room temperature for an hour, or in the refrigerator overnight to achieve the perfect flavor. After unpacking, slice with a knife (a golden brick cake can be cut into about 8 slices) and eat. Uneaten cheesecake can be stored in the airtight refrigerator or frozen.
The human body can absorb 90% of erythritol consumed, so erythritol is less likely to cause diarrhea like other sugar alcohols (such as xylitol and maltitol, etc.). However, we still do not recommend excessive intake of sugar-free cakes every day.

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