Upgraded whipped cream - Hokkaido Pure Whipped Cream Snow White Whipped Milk Roll

The signature cake of Sweet Days – Snow White Raw Milk Roll, the concept comes from Hokkaido. The representative color of Hokkaido is white. In order to pursue pure white, local cakes are made only with egg whites.
Most of our fans have already eaten our low-calorie, soft and moist but rich and not greasy raw milk rolls. However, in order to pursue the ultimate, the store manager will launch an upgraded version of Hokkaido Snow White Raw Milk Roll. In addition to upgrading the milk in the cake to Hokkaido milk, the fresh cream is further upgraded to Hokkaido pure whipped cream from Nakazawa Dairy.
What's so great about Hokkaido pure whipped cream? In order to maintain a longer shelf life, the French fresh cream we originally used and the fresh cream on the market are sterilized at ultra-high temperature, so the fresh cream still has a shelf life of 2-3 months after it is shipped to Taiwan. In order to maintain the rich flavor of cream, Japanese fresh cream uses low-temperature sterilization and also maintains the calcium and vitamins in dairy products, but the shelf life is only 2-3 weeks.
Therefore, after Hokkaido pure whipped cream is shipped to Taiwan, there are only about 3-5 days left for the store to enjoy it. Therefore, the manufacturer only accepts orders received 2 weeks in advance, not as soon as you buy. Because of the short shelf life and four times the price of ordinary European fresh cream, pure fresh cream is rarely used in general dessert shops. Products that emphasize the use of Hokkaido fresh cream mostly use cheaper Japanese cream, which is not 100% fresh cream, but a mixture of fresh cream, vegetable oil and a homogenizer, which has a longer shelf life.

Everyone has been to Japan and eaten Japanese whipped cream. What is the difference between the taste of this bottle of Nakazawa Dairy Hokkaido french cream and the top French fresh cream? From the perspective of a sommelier, the store manager also used fresh cream with 35% milk fat to do the AB Test. It doesn't feel greasy at all.
We will launch an upgraded version of "Hokkaido Pure Whipped Cream Snow White Whipped Milk Roll", 600 yuan each. Order-to-order system is adopted. Because fresh cream takes 2 weeks to order, we will ship according to the manufacturer's delivery time.
Combination discount: If you purchase a box of 12 ice cream gift boxes at the same time, the raw milk roll will be 12% off at a special price of 528 yuan per piece. Limited to 20 pieces. Free shipping over 2,000 yuan.

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