New Flavor No Added Sugar Dairy Free Ice Cream – Apricot Milk Tea Tarik

One of the tenets of Sweet Days is to provide delicious ice cream and desserts for friends with special needs. Many friends have family members who are lactose intolerant. They will have diarrhea immediately after eating dairy products that cannot be digested. There are also vegan friends who can only eat dairy-free eggs, and they want to eat a richer and richer taste than sorbet cheese. Therefore, following the launch of the "Taro Coconut" made with coconut milk last time, the store manager launched the "Apricot Milk Teh Tarik" ice cream with no added sugar made with almond milk this week.

Teh Tarik originated in India. When the British began to grow black tea in India, the locals added the British milk tea to traditional curry masala spices, and the result became a national drink that has been passed down to this day. In addition to its rich aroma, tarik tea also has a therapeutic effect on the local people. Because the spices contain cardamom that invigorates the spleen, ginger that dispels cold, and cinnamon that promotes blood circulation, they also have the effects of sleeping, decompression, relieving cough, sore throat and other respiratory discomforts. Tea is also medicine.
In order to make this dairy-free ice cream, we use sugar-free almond milk that does not contain cholesterol and trans fat, and has only 1/4 of the calories of milk. Nutrients such as iron, brown rice oil with beneficial qi, nourishing yin, and moistening functions replace butter. Although it is very healthy, it is also delicious.
This is a limited supply of 50 pieces, while supplies last.
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