Taiwan is rich in lychee, why can't you eat lychee-flavored ice cream?

the reason is simple. Because most ice cream merchants use ready-made ice cream powder or fruit sauce to make ice cream. The manufacturers of these ice cream powders and jams are in France, Italy, the United States or Japan. These countries do not produce lychee, so naturally there is no lychee flavor.
Sweet days ice cream has no added sugar, so it can only be made by hand with fresh fruit and puree, milk and fresh cream, instead of ready-made ice cream powder that has been flavored with sugar.
Because it is handmade, the store manager especially likes the multi-layered flavor. Our signature lychee sugar-free ice cream "Summer Memories", adds coconut puree to the sweetness of lychee to make the taste smoother and richer, and then mixes in organic rose petal puree to make the ice cream full of fragrance, sweet but not greasy, elegant Refreshing and full of sweet memories of summer after eating...

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